Unable to add a Device to Dashboard

I have created a Dashboard and have added a couple of devices to it. I just finished adding an additional device that I'd like to have on the Dashboard. However, when I go to that Dashboard and try to add a tile for the device in question, the device is not listed under 'Pick A Device'. I rebooted the hub but that didn't solve the problem. Any ideas?

Did you add the device to the Dashboard authorized devices (Admin UI > Apps > Dashboards > [Dashboard Name])? If you have "Use all your devices" checked, you may just need to open it and click on Done to refresh the available devices.

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Update: I just figured it out. Sigh.

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I failed to go into 'Apps' and add that device prior to heading into the Dashboard. Problem solved. Thanks.


No worries! Happens to everyone. :smiley:

I was going to Dashboards first instead of Apps too. Thanks for the help!

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