UK Wall light switches and Motion Sensors

Hi All,

Can somebody else from the UK recommend me please...

  1. Light switches - both single and TRIPLE gang (can the triples be controlled as separate devices)
  2. Motion sensors

Clearly, I want the best of all worlds.....
a) Cheap as chips
b) Easy to get hold of
c) Reliable

This is a UK request - as our frequencies and available are different from Europe and US devices.

thanks in advance.


  1. Sorry I don't use any light switches, so I can't be of any help there. I use a combination of Philips Hue, motion sensors, the apps within HE and alexa/Google to control mine.

  2. I have a combination of Fibaro, Aeon and Smartthings, but by far my favourite are the Xiaomi Aqara sensors. These are the smallest, cheapest, by far the best battery life and I can't remember ever having a false positive from them. The only draw back is that you will have to be careful what zigbee repeaters you use.

You can only get two out of the three (a, b, c).

UK here too.

I use Hue dimmers rather than switches.
That said, I think the only thing you can do is look at the Z-wave modules which fit in the back boxes and you choose whatever light switch you like, although retractive light switches are probably best. This is if you have no neutral at the switches.

If you do have neutral, there are a few more options.

And agree with @kev on the motion sensors.

Looks like a great fit.
Are we talking the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor International Edition ... Small square thing

or the Original Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor... the thing that is more rounded on a stand?

Thanks all.

I think you are referring to the vibration sensor, a completely different sensor but incidentally It does work with HE.

I think this Is 1 of versions available that you may want (Motion Sensor)

Below Is an excellent topic, well worth the read.

[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers

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@jaffa_brown I'm in the UK and use switches I use the Fibaro dimmer 2 (realy rate these) behind the switch to drive Switchable white downlights.

LED Solutions RXL-DLT4566000 | 6W LED Colour Switchable Fire Rated Downlight 550lm Black/White | Rexeluk

with a bypass due to low wattage.

then I have a zigbee RGBW tunable white light as a pendent in the middle of the room.

then i use clicks mini grid deco range with retractive switches to trigger S1 and S2 inputs on the fibaro S1 controls the dimmer (will always work even without a hub) and S2 controls the Zigbee lamp ON/OFF Up/Down kelvin depending on time of day double click for random colour changes and triple click for other jobs.

these are a very good and mini grid allows you to match any types of switches from latching to retractive to lights or dumb dimmers.
In the normal bedrooms i have a 1 gang switch with 3 switches 2 push to make and one centre off retractive to control the blinds.

my motion sensors is the aeotec multi sensor 6 (the only product from aeotec i would recommend) I have them because they can be mains powered.

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