The directly driven actuators (either low voltage DC or mains) are intended to use pulse width modulation. These waveforms are adjusted in duty cycle to open a valve to a specific point eg 2/3 open. You vary that duty cycle as you wish to proportionally open or close a valve. They change position comparatively slowly so they are quite accurate in their setting.

Maybe that is true, but I hadn't thought of it to be honest. And system is happily up and running = p

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I'm using a Tado system integrated with HE via the Tado app and they work great. I wanted the heating to be handled by something solid that works but also having the ability to control then from HE with Rules. Example: the open window detection built in feature is cool but I made a rule that stops heating and lets me know when the air is fresh again based on a CO2 sensor. Then I get alerted to close the windows again and 5 minutes later, thermostats are set back to their schedules.

I bought the starter kit on offer for 25% off and a 4-pack for quite cheap last year during Black Friday.

OP, did you already find some?

Thats interesting, when you say via the Tado app, does that mean you are using a Tado hub of some kind? keen to minimise the number of these. what protocol do these use, zigbee or zwave plus?

You know what? I don't know what protocol they use, I think bluetooth to talk to the Hub itself. The hub is a very small plug-in "stick" with cable for power and network. Then you can connect the Tado hub with HE via an app, I can send you the code but I'm sure you can find it here too, probably more up-to-date version. So in other words, not sure you can eschew their Hub in lieu of speaking directly to HE. If that's what you want, standalone units like those already mentioned might be a better choice.

The HE driver supports all Tado device types and also can be used as a Presence sensor, getting data from your Tado app and geofencing set up, so you can aggregate that presence "sensor" with that of HE itself or wifi/Life360 and get really accurate presence detection.

I did forget to mention the noise level, you can certainly hear them actuate, but I find that fascinating and a constant reminder of how awesome it is that I don't have to do that manually.

EDIT: Also regarding battery life, they are powered by 2xAA batteries and I have not had to replace them yet, going on almost a year now. They survived a Swedish winter with lots of geofencing before Corona hit, and the savings report the app gives you once a month was very encouraging. Not sure if quite as high as 35% but plausible given how much time I spent out of the house, travelling for work for about a week at a time.

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The App for HE you need to talk to Tado is:

It needs your account log in is also unsupported now but it still works reliable. One issue the developer left the debug logging on so it produces a lot of logs.

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The debug logging can easily be fixed by commenting those lines, I did it on mine.

Hi, could you explain how I comment out the lines? is it all the lines with debug on?

I assume I have to do the App and the Drivers.

Sorry for being a bit thick,


Just put // before the debug

// log.debug ..........


Thanks Mark that work....all sorted now cheers

Just installed my Aeotec TRV with the HE thermostat scheduling app using @simon driver.

Is there anything I need to look for or tips n tricks?

I think I have set it up correctly, thanks in advance.

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Just ordered a couple of Tado TRV's (Cyber Monday half price) I run my Tado hub already in HE and works nicely.

Is the Tado system reliable?
We currently have Hive and the TRVs have been a nightmare in the month we have had them! Last night our babies room got to 26 degrees! The app said it wasnt heating but the valve was still on and pumping heat out like nobodys business...
Going to try and get a refund and try something else!

I found the same behavior from the draytons.

The Danfoss ones have been ok for me, you just have to set the system to turn them off/close when the boiler isn't on otherwise they keep creaping open until 100%, then when heating on, the close in slow increments so you get over shoot

My Tado system comprising of 11 TRV's, 2 wired thermostats, 1 wireless thermostat and an extension kit has been super reliable. It has evolved over the last 3 years since we moved in. I would recommend Tado to everyone. They're support have been really supportive although I have heard some horror stories. We also had the 1st generation Tado in our last house.

Great, i think I will give the tado system a go! Means changing the hive controls but they have been in a while now and overall have never been that impressed with it.
Gutted i missed the sales last week now

I’m just thinking about smart trv’s. ( UK based). Great thread!

Can I just check please, do the tado smart trv’s need the hub or is the community built HE driver all thats needed to work direct?

I have wet underfloor heating downstairs on zoned wall digital touch thermostats ( looking to change to Neo smart stats) and upstairs its regular radiators & trv’s with a mechanical bog standard wall thermostat.

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The Tado TRV's need a Tado bridge to work. The HE Tado uses the internet to connect to Tado.

Thanks :+1:t2: