Does anyone in the UK have TRV's working with Hubitat?
if so which ones :slight_smile:

I have 3 here, 2 Danfoss LC-13, and 1 Devolo (Techinally the same as the Danfoss, also may be branded as Popp).
The only downside of these (if there is one), is that after changing the temp, it may be 5 minutes before the TRVs are updated, although I dont mind this.

But they are very, very quiet where others I've heard are not.

This was on offer week before last at Ā£62, but its gone back up.

Danfoss LC-13

I have a community driver for them, which works very well.
I have another two Devolo to fit, when I get around to it :+1:

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Thanks, technically what I want to achieve is the ability to turn off certain radiators and keep others heating as some rooms get too warm and others don't heat up enough so the delay shouldnt be a problem.
I use Hive for my heating so will continue with that for now

Will the devolo TRV work direct with Hubitat to simply turn on and off the radiator?

Most of the things I have read about TRV's is the battery life is not good.
How's the battery life with these?

Around a year I think, I've just replaced two sets a few weeks ago. This was the first time for those two, the other I'm still on the first set after a year or so and its showing 59%. It all depends on the usage TBH. I think thats why the dev stuck to a 5 min wake up time.

Yeah, I do this for my sons room as that gets way hotter than anywhere else in the house.
If his thermostat goes above 21, I shut the rad down, until it dips down to 19 degs, then open it back up again.

Perfect. Got some Xiaomi temp sensors that will work nicely for this purpose...

EDIT: I probably won't even need this with the built in thermostats

I do sadly, I suspect you will. Only the Popp version has built in temp. No sure why, but then again means I can controll his TRV via the thermostat in his room.

Oh ok, so the devolo one doesn't have built in temp monitoring? or doesn't report it back to hubitat?

The image of it shows a temperature reading

The temps are only to set the TRV, it doesnt report back what the room temp is.

ok, i've ordered one as a test and also going to keep an eye on a price drop of the starter set.
what do you use as your main thermostat to control your boiler?

Roy, do you need the starter kit or can you just get the trv and connect directly to HE?
I have temp sensors in the room already

I'm using Nest, but this is just about controlling the room temps rather than calling for heat if a TRV drops etc.,

No need for the starter mate, it was just that I could get all that for Ā£62 :wink: Quite a bargain!!

Thanks mate
Are these the same trvs?

Might wait for black friday, just in case

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Does the rest of the starter kit connect to HE?

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Yeah pretty much the same as the Devolo, same meat different sauce :wink:

These will read the temp though, although I have no idea if the current driver supports them, there is an ST DTH though reading the reviews.

The Thermostat will as the Generic Z-wave one, I dont think the hub will though. Although I have heard that the Devolo hub in use with the TRVs is much better, and you could always update the FW etc. I'm going to give their hub a go, just so I can see whats, what :+1:

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Iā€™m only concerned about the stat
Is it battery powered?

Yeah, although mines knocking on two years and still doing ok :+1:

Current States

  • battery : 54
  • coolingSetpoint : 20.0
  • heatingSetpoint : 20.0
  • temperature : 18.9
  • thermostatSetpoint : 20.0
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