UK:LightwaveRF (Gen2) Integration

I've found an old post for Gen1 switches, but nothing for the Gen2. Given that Lightwave recently announced SmartThings integration, should they also work on HE?

This is just a guess really, but since LightwaveRF is a completely unrelated wireless protocol, I would imagine the integration with ST is either cloud-to-cloud or LAN-based. Either way, probably doesn’t have any immediate implications for getting those devices to work with HE.

Ah yes, scrap that then.

Yes, That's correct. I use the Gen1 and initially used the cloud to cloud integration with ST. I then used an RPi as an interface instead of cloud to cloud.
I'm using it this way with HE and my LWRF devices. In fact it's my post that is referred to above. :slight_smile:

I see Gen 2 devices have an API, am I correct in saying that I can write a device driver to call this API then add a virtual device?

and for reference (something similar on HA)

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