UK light switch

Hey everyone, new to the whole Hubitat thing and smart homes really. I'm looking to start adding light switches and am finding it hard to source something that is on the compatible items list and available in the UK.

I'm wanting 1 gang and 2 gangs. I need Hubitat compatibility (obviously) and the stars have a 2 way switched light I need to wire in (all no neutral!)

Is there anything under £20 that will do the job out of the box and not need me to start soldering and updating firmware?

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Lots and lots of threads about UK light switches and outlets on here.
Here is just one.

I've searched and most of them say you need to update firmware. I've searched through the compatible items list and none of them are able to be bought in the UK....

I just want a light switch I can put in place, install to the Hubitat and use. Why is it so difficult?

I have one of these working OK to the HE hub.
Straight forward no neutral switch. Not a dimmer.

That looks perfect thank you! Do you recall if it has the cable connection for a 2 way switch setup?
You don't get a pic of the back on that link.

Because what your asking for does not exist not just yet. Also your back box may not be deep enough

What doesn't exist? Every no neutral switch I have seen has a 2 way connection on it for the US ones. Are you seriously telling me that in the UK there is absolutely no option to add a smart switch to the hubitat with no modification and have a 2 way light switch (top and bottom of the stairs?) I can't believe that and if thats the case the Hubitat is of absolutely no use to me. I bought it to work as a dashboard for exactly this set up.

As for the back boxes, I have 3D printed riser rings to give me enough space in the back as I was about 10mm short.

The one I have is a single gang and is not 2 way.
It fits into a normal non-deep pattress box.

EDIT: Actually I'll get my screwdriver and have a look. WAs a good while ago when I fitted it.
Non 2-way I'm afraid.

I'm afraid so. The UK just sucks :rofl:

Only way for two way is a model, they normally take neutrals so it will have to go in the celing rose

You can use a module in the back box. I use a fibaro dimmer 2 in the upstairs switch wired as explained here without neutral:

They are more expensive though, but you get to keep your existing switches. You may also need a deeper back box depending on the depth available behind the switch if there is space available for one.

Anything like this is unlikely to work with 2 way. What you would need for this is a module that sits behind the switch. These have inputs which you can trigger in 2 way or intermediate setup. I have some on latching or retractable switches depending on what my requirement are. Most are retractable now as I want dimming or colour changing.

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