UI to set max device states and events?

From the release notes "Added large database detection and UI to set max device states and events."

My eyesight isn't what it used to be, but I can't see this "UI" anywhere?

Presume it's somewhere that you can globally set maximums for all existing devices, as opposed to having to edit them all individually?

I can only get to this page if I have an active "alert" for hub database size. It takes me to <hubIP>/alerts and looks like this (I know, I know, my database is getting large; sue me):


However, this does not work for me unless there is an alert, otherwise I just get a message that there are none. You can still set these values on a per-device basis (on the device page) and via the "hidden" URL endpoints--or at least the event history size with the "hidden" URL:

<hubIP>/hub/advanced/event/limit/<desiredSize,1-1000>, for example,
http://myHubIP/hub/advanced/event/limit/100 (or just leave off the /100 to view the current size).

I'm not sure there is any other method for the "state history size" beyond the per-device method, unless something was added recently that I don't know about (or there's another way to access the above when you don't "need" it).

I set both to 5 for most things, the state size manually :disappointed_relieved: I don't think I'm ever going to care what the 6th previous level or color temperature a light was at. Of course, there are some devices where you'll want a bit more info kept, especially if syncing to another hub (found that out) where it won't all sync. But responsiveness has been perfect since lowering the event and state hx, and backups are never even noticeable as my db size on the hub with 315 devices is currently 1259712.

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Yeah thought it might be something like that. It would be nice to be able to do it at whim though, it takes quite some time to do it manually since you can only do state on the device page.

@gopher.ny is it possible to have this UI always avalialbe, not just when there's an alert for database size?


found it
on the MAIN MENU screen in the middle

But it's only there IF you have an alert ...... if you don't have an alert, then there's nothing at that location to adjust.


yep, its gone now ive used it, that's naff, what happens if i want to go and change it again!

Actually your screenshot prompted me to dig further, you can set these directly:





Do the above endpoints always set the variables to that, or only sometimes (ie they are at defaults)?

I ask I when I do that I don't see everything reset when I look at devices.

Should set the size to whatever the number at the end is.

On it set all my existing devices to 5.

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In 2.2.6, they override existing settings on all devices (by popular demand).
In 2.2.5 and earlier, they set defaults.



Should they also set the defaults?

/hub/advanced/deviceStateHistorySize/5 doesn't seem to set the default on

I set both on one of my hubs a week ago and checked all existing devices had both set to "5". Today I paired a new ZigBee device and:


Event now has "5" as the default but State doesn't.