UI speed still challenging on a C8Pro?

I have switched from using a Hubitat cloud-based integration with Ecobee (either the built-in one or Ecobee Suite) to using a completely local Ecobee integration. The solution I use does require an always on instance of Home Assistant. If you have HA already running, then you can simply use its "HomeKit Device" integration to add your Ecobee thermostat(s) to HA. Then, use the Home Assistant Device Bridge (HADB) to bring the thermostat(s) into Hubitat over your LAN. (Note: One does NOT need an Apple iPhone device in order to use the Home Assistant HomeKit Device integration.)

This provides a 100% local LAN-based integration between Ecobee/HA/HE that has been working very well for my needs. Just be aware that this solution does not provide as full featured a solution as the Ecobee Suite does.

Good suggestion. I am running a Home Assistant Green and already using the HomeKit Device plugin for Aqara and Abode. Will look into that as a way to offload some more from the hub.

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