Two switches - one tile

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What’s the best way to have two switch controls on a single tile?

I think @bptworld created something for that. I can't remember the name of it.

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@bptworld's Tile Master


I agree with Tile Master, but just note the limitations of it.

When I was unable to load 3 switches into Tile Master, I took a different approach.

I increased the columns in my dashboard (doubled it from 2 -> 4), then made all my tiles to be double in column size (from 1 -> 2). Visually is looks the same. Then for the switches I wanted to "double up" in a space, I left those column sizes as 1

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Another option, but not as pretty, is you can stack tiles. You can make one tile double width or double height, and put one normal size tile on top of the bigger tile. I have done this occasionally for things like when I wanted temperature and motion in a "single" tile.


@neonturbo I do something similar for my doors and lights. I stack the locks and contacts, to give me a 'complete' picture of my door status. Same for light on/off plus color option.

This is also kinda similar to what @dadarkgtprince mentions as my columns are 60 and rows 22. Having the grid that small allows me lots of design freedom.

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Just figured I thro out HousePanel @kewashi has made it so you can combine multiple tiles into one.


Thanks all! A few options for me to look at. Appreciated

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Sample from the doc...