Twin Hubitats, One repeatedly fails

Hello all. I have a setup for a sensor network deployment that is using two hubitats for data aggregation and API requests. Each hubitat sits in a separate room and reads data from multiple Fortrezz MIMO2+ and a custom Xbee. Each of these device types have custom drivers. I then use the MAKER API to enable API commands and to read from these devices. Both hubitats are connected to the network through a dedicated meraki router that uses a sim card for connectivity, and each hubitat has a static IP address.

One hubitat seems to be working completely fine and has never crashed. The other hubitat has crashed multiple times. I don't have access to these devices since they are installed far away but have done the remote reboot a couple of times to the crashing hubitat. The hubitat is not rebooting successfully anymore even though the diagnostic view works and it shows up in

I was hoping to get help regarding this issue and figuring out what's wrong. It is especially confusing since they both are twin deployments, with the same drivers and same devices, but only one malfunctions, etc.

What model hub are you using?

The two things to consider right away are power and overheating. Replace the power plug if you can and for the overheating, relocate or flip over the unit.

Also if you get that issue resolved take a look at the new Hub Mesh feature for sharing devices etc.

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I am using the Hub C-5 for both. These devices are placed on another site that isn't easily accessible so would there be a way to remotely monitor whether it is either the power or the overheating?

You'd have to have a separate monitoring device I think unless there is some undocumented feature.

Otherwise maybe a device or app is causing the issue. You may have to start disabling things to see if that helps.

Is there a walkthrough on how to start disabling things without having access to the web interface? I tried restarting in safe mode and got the notification "Unknown Error Occurred"

I downloaded a backup and soft reset the hubitat and can access the web interface now. Do you have suggestions on how to slowly set up my system to make sure I know what the problem was? FYI, all the pages are showing error 500

You restored your backup from the soft reset? I know you probably did but I wasn't sure.

You can disable apps and devices by activating the "disable" view.. the "X" in the upper right hand corner. Disable all apps and devices and see if your hub still locks up. If not you can then start to add them back in one at a time.

I have disabled all my devices and apps. To test what locks up the hubitat, do you have any suggestions on how long I should enable one device/app for before i deem it to not be the problem?

Do you know how long after a reboot it would fail? Maybe around that time.

Also at some point since the location is remote you might want to consider installing a separately controlled WeMo plug (or other) that you can power cycle your hub if necessary.

Thank you for that suggestion I will take a look at it. To update, I deleted the drivers for the MIMO and Xbees, and re-added them, and got the Error 500 as soon as I did that. Curious as to why that may have happened.

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When you deleted the drivers did you update your devices? That might cause some problems if not.

I did not, I suspect that might be causing issues right now. I can't seem to access the drivers code window but can access everything else. But I can't update devices, etc. without accessing this button so might have to restore from backup again and repeat steps the right way.

Update: I am getting weird issues, if I reboot and activate all my devices, when using maker api i get:

Shortly after the hubitat locks up and quite often, clicking on the devices list or one device causes Error 500. I am not sure what the cause might be and am struggling in finding a way to correct this issue.

Update #2: I believe the issues may be related to some device access related queries. Some of my devices give errors such as:

dev:1002021-01-11 08:51:22.579 am errorjava.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: The database has been closed [90098-197] Query: UPDATE DEVICE D SET D.STATE = ? WHERE D.ID = ? Parameters: [{"voltage1":2509,"voltage2":2506}, 100] (refresh)

This isn't every query but i'd say for every couple queries I get this error. Maybe this is breaking the database/causing some sort of leak? Would appreciate input.

What is the app with ID 1?

http://[your hub ip]/installedapp/configure/1

MAKER API is my app with ID 1

Mmm I dunno maybe go into maker and refresh your devices then save? Or remove and recreate the maker API instance?

Another thought the custom drivers how do they talk to the devices? Maybe there is an issue with some driver/device settings on that hub.

I am having trouble even resetting and restoring from backup now (gets stuck initializing at 30%). I think you're right, about one of those two issues. I think the overall problem is that my database has corrupted or been broken, but not sure what exactly is/was causing that. Could be the drivers or the MAKER API. Do you have any advice on how to

a) initialize it again and reboot succesfully?
b) find issues with my drivers/device settings?