Tv and av plus more questions

Im started to get a hang of thing with mentors but some do have lives. So I have a few questions well maybe several to point me in right direction or just post a video I missed.

  1. There seems to be about a 3 second lag using 3 switches as 1 is there a fix for this?
  2. Related to 1 all 3 switches work but status light does not change on other 2 is there a fix for this? My load switch is located behind a door but other switchs are in front of me and cant see if kids left light on.
  3. Can I use a on/off switch as a dimmer if I have a dimmer in group and dimmer controls the load? Would save a ton of money on switches.
  4. I have 3 harmoney hubs that I kinda dont use I find it better to use the remote to navigate, Im pretty sure I came across a app but baby steps Ill cross that bridge later If need be, Looking for something simple to set up as in GF is wanting to fall asleep she can say alexa upstairs bedroom tv off or volume up. Nothing fancy just with basic skills that works with hubitat and alexa.
  5. Id like to control my garage door using the app best thing if it could simply open the garage door when I arrive automatically but wait for me to manually close it. Uncertain if I need more apps to do this or what device to use.
    Thanks for any feedback answers can be in form to link to videos or in one has more time explain. Im really finally getting a feel for the flow. In advanced my hubitat is on most current firmware, I have a range extender in a small house. I built from closest to furthest. I didnt add more then 5 things every 5 days. Still learning. Lots of questions but now instead of 8 posts I can combine it to 1 since I kinda of have a clue. Thanks again!!!!

What brand and model are these?

Status light on the switch itself? Or dashboard?

Not exactly. Switches don't have the hardware or software to send dimming commands. They can only send on or off events to the hub, with the possible exception some also can have button commands integrated (typically if the switch supports double or triple taps). You could set up a rule that if you turn on switch A that it dims a light to some fixed percent, but you will never have the variable output of a real dimmer.

I always advise against doing this. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong, and security issues are significant doing this. If you use something like your phone as presence, what stops the door from opening if your GPS for example, lost signal temporarily (or you turn the GPS off then on) and it thinks you just arrived at home? At the very least this isn't a simple one-step thing, you need LOTS of redundancies to make this work correctly in my opinion.

If you give your make/model of garage door opener, someone probably would have a suggestion if or how it could be integrated.

Every time I think I give enough info for my post I dont lol ugh. I have either jasco or enbright switches they all lag.
The status light of switch does not change, meaning the main switch blue light changes but other 2 controller's does not. does not matter if controlled by tap or app.
Point 3 I was thinking the switches can do it via internal software but not as a physical load switch, meaning the physical switch is on/off but can if coupled with a dimmer that is the load controller a on/off switch could function as a dimmer "I do understand the logic of if there is a preset dimmed logic assigned then it would default to that" just thought that z-wave may support the software side not hardware obviously the internals would have to be different to be a dimmer. Seems a easy fix on the software side from switch manufacture's to have same software as a dimmer without the right internals. Such as a 3 way switch 1 load 2 or 3 slaves and load does the work and slaves just say what they want.
Garage door. I was under the impression that hubitat has presence sensor so if im not home it wont trigger, or if no gps then again im not home. Kinda funny you mention security because my insteon opener lately opens at will. Matter of fact I came to garage a few min ago to find my door open. Thought there might be a better z-wave solution as im moving away from insteon. I have a garage door opener but also have it linked via a insteon/alexa combo, which has saved me a few times, but how cool would it be just to be a block away and by the time you get home door is open and just pull in, instead of wait.
Any ideas on a good z-wave garage door opener and simple av controller or should I use harmony hub app which im sure probably will be a bit complex
I guess if im brain storming ideas... I get notifications on my phone and people are used to no stop alerts for texts/emails/spam calls is there a way "this is kinda important" to set up alarms on a android phone eg.. important ones like garage door open, garage flooding etc. where its not just a ding it goes off but a alarm like a wake up timer that keeps going off until you address it. At work i cant be bothered by all messages but if something serious like front door is opened at noon and Im at work I want a non stop alarm on phone to go off until I can check cameras and say all good. I check my phone every 3-4 hours but in a flood event that could be a difference of getting home or calling my insurance company.

check metering and don't use direct associations

Is this manually pressing the switch or using the dashboard? What switches (make/model) are they?

No... There is no way for a switch (on/off) to be have as a dimmer. Completely different electronics

Available in hubitat package manager.

Should be doable easily enough using the Harmony integration in HPM. Are these already smart tv's as well?

Zooz Zen 16 relay, and @iharyadi 's arrival sensor.

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We need model numbers. There are many different versions of these GE/Jasco/Enbrighten devices, and they all take different drivers. It could be that the wrong driver was selected upon pairing, or just that one driver might work better than another for a particular device. You can go to the individual device page of one you want us to look at, scroll to the bottom, and find the numbers. The Driver (Type) is also circled here.

Also, have you posted screenshots of your whole Zwave Details page? That might give a clue as to why you are seeing slowdowns.

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Think I fixed it I thought enabling debugging and text logging in addition to hub mesh, where as I dont have a second hub, after reading actually what it does was a good idea. I disabled all that and everything is faster except scenes, almost instant. Hubitat does a good job of identifying all dimmers and switches are identified as generic as they are simple on off. Using a scene does work, it takes about 2 seconds from press to light turning on. The switches are all located within 5ft of each other and 15ft from hub at max. Have switches almost 120 ft that work fine im sure theres a jump. All switches as the new z-wave standard. They are either ge enbright or jasco which is also ge. None are some cheep knock off bought from alibaba, They were all bought from amazon.

Since you still didn't say exact model numbers this may not apply... But, that said:

Sometimes changing the exclusion mode on GE devices will make them report status faster, which depending on how your logic is working could speed things up.

Note that the in-box driver doesn't let you change that, so you would need to install a user driver to get access to that setting:

But that only applies to the newer model GE Enbrighten quick fit/slim fit devices - which is why the specific model # matters.

The setting I am talking about is:

That is a good jaw dropping answer. I had no idea that there was so many product variations of a brand. I get there is a difference between a switch and a dimmer and there is a difference between 500 and 700, but thought every ge dimmer z-wave+ would be the same. If not there would be small differences eg. different better software then original improvement's, but original already COMPLETLY conformed to new standard. Is there a easy way to check model without taking switch out of wall? Then I can post it. It would be great if under devices it would give you a page to see all device status, model number etc in one screen. I know I can click each one and see things but not certain where model is.

This is what I like and am used to, everything necessary in one place at a glance. Maybe hubitat does this I just dont know where to find it or if its another app.

I hear ya... But I'll be the nay sayer and point out that your screenshot also doesn't show the actual model number on many of the devices.... :man_shrugging:

If we are going to make a wish list for a device overview, I like the view in zwavejs2mqtt more, as it actually shows the correct and needed values... Model under product code, firmware rev under FW...:

The screenshot does show model numbers, but where do I get your app? I like that and is similar to what im used to and easier to screen shot and post.

That is a completely different zwave hub/software, not something you can do in hubitat.

It shows SOME model numbers... There is no such device as a ZW004_1 for instance....

UGH!!! You got my hopes up

The data in general exists in Hubitat, though. It is on the device details page (kind of). There just isn't a "zwave hardware" view to see it all in a nice table.

Anyway - feel free to write up a detailed description of the type of view you would like to see and submit it to support. Never know, they may add it to the list and make it someday?

For now, though, the device details page + zwave details pages are all you really have for zwave deivce info. Is what it is.

As much as this tiny device can do, which is way more then necessary. Im surprised that hubitat didnt come up with this simple idea. This would save so much time and condense information to a glance. I know recently isy updated to show when a device is off line or damaged and notify you. Does hubitat have anything similar? eg. a switch burned up or is non responsive or does not hop without manually searching?

Looked at model numbers and believe there all 20 or 21. Eg 2110b, 2044b, so dont think your drivers will work

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