Tuya zigbee power monitor plug

I can't seem to get this plug to refresh as the state changes.
I have it set to read power when < 20 turn off light (off 14). When power > 25 turn on light (42 on). It stays the same. When off it stays at 14 instead of changing to 42. I have to hit refresh

Are you getting that info from logs or just the "current value" numbers you see in those rule builds?

If it's not reporting state/power changes correctly in the logs, no rule will fix that or work.

This is what I get in the logs
Not sure what to do.

Re-added the device and now is working

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Some Tuya devices require that they are paired to the Zigbee hub with the right driver already installed. They accept the Tuya-specific initialisation only during a short period when paired as a new device.

Can you select/copy/paste as a text this device Zigbee Model/Manufacturer data as shown at the bottom of the device web page?

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It's seems ok now. It's still working this morning

This particular manufacturer ID is problematic. I have 10 of them in a drawer.

Get them out of the drawer and try the 'double luck' workaround with the latest HE platform version.

Yes, these are the same super-problematic plugs :

Everything seems to be reporting correctly using the MOES plugs for most everything and the TR plugs for the laundry.

By MOES do you mean these _TZ3000_okaz9tjs plugs?

I just tried the tuya monitor plug again. I turn on the TV and the light goes on. TV off light goes off.
It takes a few seconds but working. Ever since I repaired the plug, and yes it's located in the same room as the hub.
I may have hit rebuild zigbee network. If I did I hit it twice. I now do this 2 times since you last directed when zigbee plug would not pair.
So far so good :blush:

No. All of my Moes plugs are _TZ3000_yujkchbz

Don't break a working system, if you don't really need these plugs - keep them in the drawer.

I am very careful when adding or removing mains-powered devices to my main C-8 hub. Every change in the devices that act as routers/repeaters will influence the Zigbee mesh.