Tuya Zigbee Light sensor

Pair it again without removing it.

Do you mean to start searching for a new Device at the hub again?

Yes. Is your hub C-8 or an older model?

Have an C-7. Will try it our. Never did this before.

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That brings me to this messages

That’s what is expected.
Are you painting it close to the hub?

Do I have to click the device name or the "Hide previously joined devices" phrase.
Yes the sensor is directly near to the hub

Click on the device name, this will open the device web page.
Aqara devices are known to be difficult to pair to any other systems different than Aqara hubs.. Do you have any other Aqara sensors?

Will try it again. No that's the only one.
Here some logs, maybe it helps to get an idea

Thanks for your help

This screenshot is missing the start of the pairing process, but the device is communicating.

One trick that helps the successful pairing of Aqara sensors is to continue pressing the paired button shortly, once per second for a few seconds after the pairing process starts.

I will try this, thanks

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I removed the device and started from scratch, so far no success

here the log from the beginning (first pairing)

Strange, after pressing the pair button during the pairing process and cannot start the pairing process anymore. No blue light

You can remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, then insert it and try again.

Everything looks fine in the debug logs, with the exception that the senor reports in the beginning an invalid lux value 0xFFFF, which is ignored, but I have seen such invalid lux reports before, it is usually just once and then the sensor should start sending normal reports.

If it doesn't work again, I can suggest you to try the second driver linked in my previous post.

Thank so far to look into this for me.
Now I see under current status illuminance in addition to the healthStatus.


But it seems it doesn't get updated

With Debug preference switched on, do you see anything in the live logs when the illuminance is changed?

After countless attempts, removals and pairings it now seems to work. Illumination is getting updated. Yay!!!!!


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Once it is working when paired close to the hub, next challenge will be to stay connected to the hub when mounted at the final place. Monitor it whether it is online and sending updated lux values in the next days.

If it drops the Zigbee network, you will need to pair it again, this time close to the nearby Zigbee repeater. This (pairing at the final place once again) should be a one-time activity only and only if needed. I have 2 of the older model Aqara light sensors working stable this way since the time I paired them to my C-8 hub ( first - make it work paired close to the HE hub, move to the final place, if it drops after a day - pair it again close to a Zigbee repeater in that room).

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My light sensor is still working very reliable without any new activities needed from my side. Fingers crossed it stays this way.

Thanks again for all your help. :slight_smile:

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