Tuya Zigbee Double GPO (Plug) driver with Monitoring

Hi Everyone,
I've recently bought a few DGPO (Double General Purpose Outlet) or double plugs.


I've tried a few different drivers, and they either don't work with both plugs or don't have monitoring.

I've tried the "Zemismart ZigBee Wall Switch Multi-Gang" driver, thanks to @kkossev, and it's turning On/Off both plugs but has no monitoring.

I also tried the "Tuya Zigbee Plug" driver, which provides power monitoring and On/Off control but only for the first plug.

I was wondering if anyone knows a driver that could work with these plugs for monitoring and the On/Off function for both plugs.

These devices are quite popular here in Australia and sold via reputable websites like:

I'm quite surprised that there is no driver already for them.

If someone would be willing to write a driver for it, I'm happy to help (even though my knowledge of writing drivers is close to none) with testing and troubleshooting.

Thank you