Tuya Zigbee 20A switch (help needed)

Hi everyone. I recently bought a 20A Tuya Zigbee Switch for my boiler water heater. Pictured as below. Problem is when I tried to pair the device, Hub recognizes the device but the switch continues to blink as if it doesn't know that it has been paired to the hub. The blinking will time out a few minutes later.

From hubitat device dashboard, I tried to control the device with Generic Zigbee switch, Nue Zigbee Switch drivers, but to no avail.

I'm not sure if this is a pairing issue or a driver issue. Can anyone give some help and pointers?


Please post the device model and manufacturer data - these can be found on the device web page, β€˜Data section.

A reverse image search netted this page:

Here's the snapshot.

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Please download and install the development branch version of the driver (the second link) from this post: Zemismart Zigbee 1/2/3/4 gang light switches - #36 by kkossev

The recommended procedure is to first delete the device from the HE device web page, wait 1 minute, then pair the switch again to HE. The "Zemismart ZigBee Wall Switch Multi-Gang" driver should be assigned automatically this time.

Let me know if this driver will work for you.

Working perfectly! Thanks @kkossev!

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