Tuya integration

Hello all!
Im just wondering if there is any integration with Tuya app? I know its Wifi based but want to ask before i buy ST hub and selling my hubitat hub.

Three things.

  1. Welcome to hubitat.
  2. There is a search magnifying glass in the top right corner where you can search for stuff
  3. If you reload the FW with Tasmota install the following you get local control without any cloud dependency

Thanks for the help :heart_eyes:

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You can also look here if you need direct control of the tuya WIFI devices from Hubitat:

Getting the client secret etc, is a bit cumbersome however. But there are a few guides on this online. I have a Neo Wifi Siren that works very stable with my driver.


Looking at your readme on the Github, you said you had Linux tools to extract the device key. Can you tell me what they were so I can try on my end?

I used the tutorial found here: tuyapi/SETUP.md at master · codetheweb/tuyapi · GitHub, and I used what is described under: Listing Tuya devices from the Tuya Smart or Smart Life apps (highly recommended)

It is unfortunately a bit cumbersome this approach, but the moment you have the device secret you are good to go.

The best solution would have been to be able to pair these devices directly to Hubitat of course.

For the Device endpoint, did you use Wireshark? I am trying to determine that part, I managed to get the device secret of one of my bulbs finally. Or did you use a packet capture on your phone?

I tried to use Wireshark, but then I found that there is an app on Android called Packet Capture. This app is capable of isolating data traffic from selected apps, hence it was perfect for the job.

However, you are not able to sniff the device secret with a phone app. I assume that the device secret is something that is exchanged during device paring, and it seems that the Tuya app is smart enough to understand that it is being sniffed during pairing. Perhaps more advanced sniffing methods can be used...?

What the app gives you is the device ID and the status of, and any endpoints, on the device (this is sent in clear text). The device ID can then be used towards the tuya web development platform with the mentioned Linux tools to extract the device secret.

This is a screen shot of what I get when I capture the traffic from a tuya smart app called "Jinvoo Smart" (same as Smart Life, just re-branded).

What you see here is the Jinvoo app asking my siren for status, where the siren answers that dps: 104, which is the endpoint, is false, i.e. off. Then the app sends a message about turning on the siren, this can only by done encrypted with the device secret. If you decrypt this message you'll see that it sets dps: {"104", true}.
Lastly the device sends some confirmation and status back to the app. From what I can see it does all of this locally on the network.

You can try Charles. I've used it for Sonoff iFan02 and it worked fine.

Were you successful in getting your Tuya device connected to HE‽ I'm thinking to add my diffuser but seems to be a lot of work?

Anyone have success here? I'm trying to my Tuya blinds which I using via Tuya cloud to work with HE. I have my IP address for the device. I don't know how to get the end point value. I don't see anything on iot.tuya.com to help.

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