State of Tuya / Smartlife Wi-Fi Integration

With Tuya working on local integration with Home Addistant. I'm hoping for a local API that we can leverage with Hubitat. More description I found in this video by Paul Hibbert. I'm game for messing around with porting HA to HE.


If you have an instance of HA or NR running, it is easy to bring Tuya devices into HE as virtual devices.

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What I don't understand:
If you want to use Tuya products, why not just get the Zigbee version?
It seems that they have a Zigbee version of almost every single device, so why not just get that version? Hubitat works very well with all (or at least most) of their Zigbee lineup.
If you happen to have a whole set of wifi devices, then I understand, you want Hubitat to work with that. But, if you're buying from scratch, why not just get Zigbee?


yes, although it must be said that this move from tuya does/should add to the business case for inbound UDP.
i like tasmota and all, but its a PITA, can result in device case marks/damage getting access to chip pins, introduces support/warranty issues and honestly just another layer of complexity that (should) just not be needed

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I use their telescoping (pre-built) curtain rods/racks. Those are only available in Wifi.

Any news to SmartLife / Tuya WiFi support?

Maybe someone understands what is happening with Tuya API V2:

There will come even a solution without any cloud (i.e. purely local) ... :sunglasses:

BTW: On all the new Tuya / SmartLife devices (that I tried) you cannot use "Tuya Convert" anymore to flash Tasmota firmware. :disappointed_relieved:

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Unfortunately, there are some 'Powered by Tuya' Zigbee devices that do not work with HE. For example, latest revisions of TS004F scene switches. The cheap Zigbee Tuya motion sensors are another example. These work without any problems paired to Tuya zigbee hubs, that can be purchased for just $18 ..$19!

Yesterday I remembered that I have in my junk box a Tuya E12 color WiFi bulb that I never used. It took me less than a hour to setup the Tuya V2 experimental integration in HomeAssistant. The few Tuya devices that I have, including a Zigbee hub were successfully linked to HA! I quickly tested controlling the bulb from a Node-red flow and it worked really fast.

So, Tuya V2 local control integration for HA is already there and it really works locally, once setup.

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For clarity. I am not pushing for local control, I just want complete support for the Tuya V2 cloud. One of the reasons I got a Hubitat is to not have to use two or three different home automation services / apps. Currently I have to use four apps (HE, Alexa, Tuya, and HK {Level Lock}). It would be great to eliminate the Tuya app from the mix. I make this clarification because it doesn't require inbound UDP support and I don't want my desired to be conflated with the issues of local control.


@kesnalawrence there is a Tuya cloud integration for Hubitat project that is already working - [ALPHA] Basic Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

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I started using it this week and got the creator to add support for Window Shades. Yay!!


In my case, I, apparently, have a Tuya Smart life wireless interface in my air purifier (alen breathesmart 75i) that the actual manufacturer never implemented. I can control that device with the Tuya app and cloud services. I am not going to flash this thing as who knows what else may get mucked up from it.

FWIW, anyone with their Tuya devices integrated into HA can use the Home Assistant Device Bridge driver to make most sensors and other devices immediately available in Hubitat. Very simple to install and configure.


In case you are not aware, I have a working tuya version working with tuya Wifi. It is described in this thread: Tuya integration - #14 by holand.ivar

It supports both protocol 3.1 and 3.3, and it is running locally, i.e. no cloud.


I try to integrate legacy devices, too numerous to convert or flash. So the WiFi solution would be my only help.

So from that I can tell, the only problem with the Tuya integration is that it can't run locally, but should be able to simply add my Tuya Wifi devices as long as I use the cloud right?

Kinda need to know this before buying Hubitat since I have quite a few of those devices.

Thanks for any info!

You’ll probably need to be more specific about which tuya devices, and more importantly, which community-developed app you intend to use to integrate the devices with Hubitat.

Since Tuya wifi devices aren’t on the official compatibility list, it all depends on what a community dev has been able to do with custom code.

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If you are referring to @holand.ivar's community Tuya WiFi integration, it runs locally. There's no cloud involved. The only issue is that you need a computer that can run python for initial device identification.

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Basically, I just have a few dimmers and wifi switches that seem to be Tuya that I got off AliExpress. Possibly dimmable... But I simply want to be able to use Hubitat to be able to control those devices in one dashboard. Future purchases will all be z-wave, zigbee or others that are compatible, but don't feel like replacing my "cheap" solutions.

For questions about specific devices, your best bet is to ask the developer of the custom code that integrates Tuya with Hubitat. Reviewing some of the posts above, there are links to the threads a couple devs created to discuss their integrations.