Turn on 3 lights in basement *in sync*

Hi all, I have a C7 hub and 3 z-wave switches in our basement:

a) 2x Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer
b) 1x Jasco Z-Wave Motion Dimmer

I've created a rule to turn on the "Basement motion scene" on motion:

My problem is I can't seem to get the lights to turn on the same time, I tried enabling "metering" and other options:

But there's always some delay in the order of how the lights turn on.

Am I missing something in terms of config?

Or I would need multicast to properly on() the lights at the same time? Is this support coming in the future?


As a starting point, Metering is not helping your case - this actually adds an explicit delay (in the screenshot, 500ms) between commands to the different devices in the scene.

There aren't any logs from the Reading/Play devices to see when they actually confirmed they were on, but removing the metering appears it would bring the overall time down in the 200ms range - certainly better than where you are now? The rest is processing and comms delay between your hub and the switches...

As you alluded, currently for zwave a separate command is sent to each device - the hub has no multicast support

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  1. Can you decrease the milliseconds of delay (to maybe 100-150 sec)?
  2. What does your z-wave network look like? Any ghosts or stranded devices? What's the signal level?

Much better effect at 100ms thanks!

I'm not sure I undertand the logs though. on() comes after setLevel() ?

Signal is very good, hub is in basement:

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@bcopeland will have to comment. But about a year ago, I remember reading that the SDK for 700-series chip didn't have clear documentation on how to implement multicast.

Can you re-pair that repeater without any security? It will slow your network down.

In your initial screenshot, you also had "Discrete on" enabled - with this option, the hub will always send an on() command at the end for each device.

The second run it looks like you disabled this, the "on" logs you see there are from the device driver, essentially confirming the event it received back after the command was sent.

Ahh I see, thanks. There's still a slight popcorn effect but better.

Well now I remember why I added "Discrete on".

Just now one of the switches "Basement Play" failed to activate...

There was no setLevel()

Also there was a 2 second delay between the setLevel() for the Basement Reading switch.

Is there a user driver recommended for:
GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Dimmer Switch ?

edit: I don't know if it is recommended but it exposes more parameters...


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