TTS to a Echo dot or Google mini

Question for the pros,

Is something like this even posible
Have the announcement come out on the Echo dot or Google mini?


I don't think there's anyone here with one of those devices that doesn't have that on their wish list :star_struck:

Amazon and Google don't currently allow this.


For a while we could with the Google home/mini. I had it up and running with HE and webCoRE. Worked great until Google broke it, lol. It stopped working about two weeks ago. Everyone is hoping that it gets turned back on.

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Was not aware is up to Amazon n google to allow this.

So the only option is still smart / connected speakers SONOS.
Any other smart speaker on the list like HEOS or chromecast?

Samsung too.

TTS direct via skill is what could work, but I've only heard of one instance of a skill being able to announce from Echo without user input and they're canned responses, not user programmable. You could cast to a Google Home I suppose and you could send to a bluetooth or physically connected device that supported TTS, but that's not really what you're asking for and not really what I would want either.

I want TTS directly to my Echo in Alexa's voice. Not sure why it's not already possible, other than they might be concerned about abuse. Like your echo laughing at you in the middle of the night.

Amazon already had that problem! :sunglasses:

Exactly what I'm referring to, although they claim it was caused by a crazy sequence of events. But TTS would open up that potential and the two smart assistants are pretty high profile targets.

A chromecast integration is next up on our integration todo list.
I can't give you any sort of time line obviously, but it's made the engineering project sheet, and trust me, that's a start.

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Wish I would cast to an echo. Really don't want two personal assistants. Happy with Echo for what I use it for.

Chromecast is a separate product altogether, nothing to do with GH.

Understood, but if I own a Chromecast and a Google Home, I can cast to the Google Home speaker. Can't do that with Echo and I wish such a thing was possible, but it isn't. No Amazon equivalent.

ah, I did not know the GH devices were cast enabled....

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There was a way to send anything from Slack to Echo, but Amazon shut that down too. :confounded:

That sound great, I was also not completely aware that the GH can serve as a chromecast device is that is the case then you guys could solve a huge problem for those than don’t want to get into SONOS or similar.

To small Google Homes one in kitchen one in master and you have full house covered by the TTS.

Now is time for the community to put pressure on the Dev team :slight_smile:

Uh, I think they do a pretty good job with that by themselves. It's rare to see a team work so feverishly, even in startup phase.


I stream to my echo in a round about way. I use VLCthing which connects to vlc on my computer. I have a Bluetooth adapter on my computer linked to echo. So when a door opens or such, it streams through to echo with almost no delay. Round about way, but I've been doing it since ST

-- I do this with Google Home Mini's....

Would you explain how?

Yeah but nobody on here would like the answer :slight_smile:

I don't use Hubitat for my primary stuff I use it for testing and for some dev work. My primary system is HomeSeer. I sometimes forget and respond too quickly to Hubitat specific things.

This is one reason why I keep asking for a HTTP POST capability from Rule Machine. With that you could then use a rPi with Home Assistant installed to then use the Chromecast component. But you could also do the same with WebCoRE if you have that running.

The ChromeCast TTS solution is not ideal though as it interrupts and does not resume your playing music from where it was.

The other Google TTS solution (currently broken) worked really well, resuming as you would wish.