Trying to start over with Life360

So I'm still a newbie with HE so bare with me. I've been using the built in Life360 app for some time until it broke. Managed to find the Life360+ driver and installed it and that worked for a while but now it's broken again. I want to delete all traces of Life360 and start fresh. What exactly do I need to delete and install? I see the life360+, life360 with states, etc. Where do I start and what do I need? I've been searching but at this point I'm just lost...

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Instead of spending time trying to chase down a new L360 fix, I'd suggest you spend that time setting up an alternative presence solution instead.

All signs point to L360 shutting out 3rd-party access (like MyQ just did), so even if you can get L360 back up, it's just going to be an ongoing headache of cat-&-mouse to keep it working.

You'd be better off using a solution like OwnTracks, Locative, or HomeKit presence -- there are threads here in the community for all of those other options.


Life 360+ (Gold Member Family) HE drivers works for us on C-8 since 2020. Fingers crossed, as this integration has been rock solid for our iOS family presence and locational events. I migrated years ago from Hubitat's geofence which was not working (at that time) as expected..

I'd really appreciate some assistance setting up Owntracks. Absolutely lost with it.

If anyone could please point me in the direction, it would be most appreciated. No experience with docker and the like, and not sure if I can get this up and running as an alternative to 360.

/ begging

There's a driver and support page here: [RELEASE] OwnTracks Presence

Since you have a Hubitat Hub, I don't think you need a separate server or docker -- just have the OWN app report directly to the Hubitat driver.

It's definitely a bare-bones type of app as I remember but there's no reason it can't work. But, if you're expecting a Life360 type experience, it's not really going to impress IMO.

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Yes, no docker needed. The integration linked uses the app (on your phone) and directly connects to the Hubitat cloud endpoint (which goes back to the Owntracks Hubitat app). You don’t have to run anything outside of Hubitat or the Owntracks app on your phone.

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