Trying to pair the Hampton Fan controller to HE

I think one I have is big enough to fit the antenna inside. At first, i was tempted to leave it inside then i decided against it and follow the instruction instead.

What made me laugh is I wanted to get a wall mount for my fan remote control and it selling online for 12 dollar a piece but I paid 29 dollar for my Hampton Fan controller kit. I brought two and it was new in the box.

A piece of plastic costing almost half of the price of the kit .. LOL

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I installed the second one in our bedroom tonight. It didn't pair until I brought the hub into the bedroom and it paired right away.

I can't wait to get a replacement antenna in soon to replace both. I am hoping with new antenna and a zigbee repeater, I can bury the antenna inside the canopy but we will see.

All of my 4 have the standard antenna, inside the canopy, up into the hole in the ceilings. It requires a repeater in each room. I didn’t have to double the repeaters, just one has done it for me.

Maybe you’ll be lucky too :smiley:

I am hoping not have to replace the antenna with a better one but I never thought about poking hole in ceiling to insert the antenna up in it,

There are several outlets in the attic where I could possibly add a zigbee repeater for both fans

Thanks for the idea @csteele

I am trying to pick a zigbee a repeater for it over in this thread

I can tell you that I was much happier after I did this and it's not too expensive (that Amazon leaf listing actually has two antennas, which it sounds like you need) or difficult (just screws and a standard connector)--probably why I mention this every chance I get. But if you don't want to, someone else noticed that on his the antenna was just poorly connected, so perhaps you could at least try opening it and making sure the existing one is securely connected. Worrying a ton about exactly where your Zigbee repeaters are will usually also work around this problem, but I enjoyed not having to do that anymore. :slight_smile: Good luck with whichever option you choose!


I took mine apart today to replace the antenna with the leaf one but the existing antenna had a second circuit board and there is a dab of silicone over the pigtail connector.

Was your like this? how did you disconnected the pigtail connector with a circuit board sitting on top of the connector?

You can find more from other people in the post I linked to. They may know more. What you describe doesn't match what I remember. You didn't happen to open the antenna instead, did you? You should just open the canopy module itself. Mine (and theirs) were connected with a standard uFL connector that my leaf antenna also came with. I just had to swap them out.

Maybe the factory learned of our suggestions to 'repair' them and improved their production, by adding a dab of silicon?? :slight_smile:

I was just thinking of that.

There is a second layer circuit board right above the connector it's held in place with 5 jumper pins. I don't think I can pull the connector off unless I remove the circuit board above it.