Choosing a Zigbee repeater

Some of you probably read my other post about the Hampton Fan Controller I just installed in the living room and master bedroom which I learn both have a crappy zigbee antenna and a zigbee repeater is needed for it.

During my searches on here, I learned so far to stay away from peanut and Innr plugs and I narrowed it down to three zigbee repeaters but I am still struggling on which ones to get that would help my fan controller communicate more efficiency with the HE.

Here are the three zigbee repeaters that I narrowed down to, any of those are better repeater than the other?
Anyone here using Hampton Fan controller with any of those repeater with positive result?

TRÅDFRI (We do have a Ikea nearby and shipping is only $5 for two)

Centralite Smart Outlet Mini (This one is nice and small but how the repeating range on it?)

Centralite Smart Outlet ($35 just for one ..kinda pricey)

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my favorite is still the old iris v2 plug.. Cheap and has z-wave plus repeater as well...

I’ve said it many times.. But you can never have too many repeaters... Keep in mind too that almost all mains powered devices become repeaters too..


Completely agree with @bcopeland on the Iris v2 plugs which you can still find on eBay. They aren’t the best looking but I hide them behind beds or in a cabinet with outlets.

Also consider getting GE Zigbee in wall switches too for some of your lights. I replaced many of my older non plus Zwave with them so have a 50-50 mix of Zwave plus and Zigbee switches. GE Jasco is also slated to release an in wall Zigbee outlet sometime this year too, announced at CES in January.


3rd vote for Iris V2's. I have 10 of them scattered throughout my house and 5 Hampton Bay Fan controllers. They keep my fans as well as both my zigbee and zwave meshes solid.

  1. The Tradfri Control outlet have a TERRIBLE Zigbee radio. If you insist on Ikea get their Repeater which is inexpensive and has a good radio.
  2. Another choice is the Samsung outlet:

I have 3 of the tradfri outlets and one smartthings outlet. The tradfri is ugly and large but it's also cheap and works great. I vote for them. I only have about 20 zigbee devices but nothing has dropped since i got the tradfris. All of my door sensors and a samsung buttons are rock solid. Interesting enough, I have a door sensor on the basement door in the rear of the house which routes through the samsung outlet in the front of the house two floors up to the hub, which is about as far apart as two things in my house can get. There are two tradfris much closer to the sensor.

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Our wall switches are all Inovelli Red Series because of led notification feature.

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I thought Tradfri is a repeater .. There're two different version of Tradfri?

  1. Tradfri Control Outlet:
    TRÅDFRI Control outlet kit - IKEA
  2. Tradfri Repeater:
    TRÅDFRI Signal repeater - IKEA

That will make good z-wave mesh

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Thank you @jtmpush18 for showing the difference!

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Ebay doesn't have any Iris V2 repeater by the lot right now and I am not too worried about needing Zwave repeaters since I have inovelli switches installed throughout the house.

Also, I read some posts here about something about issues with older firmware for Iris V2 repeaters which can't be upgraded since Iris no longer in business.

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No votes on the Centralite Smart Outlet Mini?

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My vote is for the SmartThings outlet - I'm currently running 17 of 'em.

Yes, they're pricey, but I've never had a lick of trouble with any of them, nor with the mesh they support; to me, that's worth a few extra $$$ up front.

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I just bought the Centralite Smart Outlet Mini for my needs. My hub is in the basement and I bought a ST arrival sensor for my motorcycle in garage. When the ST sensor was in my saddle bag it never appeared online, so I bought two of the Centralite's put one on my main floor a few small rooms away from my garage (as well as a refrigerator), the second when in the front of my garage. Upon doing so the ST sensor came online immediately. And as I'm driving home its arrival is detected at the end of the driveway (35' away) with garage doors closed. So far so good. I know a bit late and not what you were specifically asking for but, might help others.

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Would these make good repeaters?

Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Outlet Receptacle, Tamper-Resistant, Pairs Directly with Echo Studio/Echo Show 10/Echo Plus 1st & 2nd Gen, 1 Controlled + 1 Always On, White, 43102

all Z-wave Plus are z-wave repeaters... is that correct? or is that specific to the Inovelli?

Yes they are good repeaters. Any mains powered device should repeat signals. Exception is Zigbee bulbs in some cases.

i've had good luck using these switches and as repeaters and they are inexpensive

i find sylvania does a good job with their zigbee

Powered Zwave devices like switches are repeaters. Battery powered devices like sensors don't act as repeaters

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