Trying to pair the Hampton Fan controller to HE

The remote control that came with the controller controls the fan just fine so I know I wired my fan correctly.

I am trying to pair it to the HE. The HE is about 10 feet away from the fan in a cabinet. I am not having much luck getting it to pair.

Any tips?

Thank you

Tricky little devils. People have reported to put the antenna outside of the housing for better signal. Also to have a repeater in the room. I know that your hub is right there, but maybe try it?

Someone also reported changing the antenna on it? I'm not sure about that one, though.


Those devices are 'weak' and there's lots of advice around here for them.

  • open the canopy controller and verify the antenna is well plugged in. Shipping might jostle it loose.
  • replace the antenna with a better one.
  • add a repeater maybe add two, at 90 degrees

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The antenna is outside of it canopy. The instruction states to stick antenna to ceiling outside which I did. The zigbee is the white antenna correct?

It doesn’t look like the type that can be removed or pulled out of controller.

The black wire is RF remote antenna correct? It barely sticking out.

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Found an old post here to turn off at breaker then start pair on HE and turn on at breaker

Going to try this now

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The rectangular white antenna is indeed the Zigbee antenna. Someone suggested to me once that I replace it, and I've loved it ever since I did. :slight_smile: Here are the instructions I used:

I chose the flat "leaf" antenna because that poster said it may have been slightly better.

Before I did this, I had lots of problems, widely reported with these units. It was hard to pair unless the hub was extremely close (same room; 10 ft might be OK). Repeaters nearby (you usually see one or two in the same room suggested, or possibly the room above) are pretty much essential to keep it from "falling off" the network otherwise. With the new antenna, I moved my repeater to the other room where I really wanted it, and then it paired through the mesh (I assume--at the very least, the hub was fine where it was) just fine and didn't fall off since. :slight_smile:

But since you have it like this already: my advice would be to keep the hub close, keep a Zigbee repeater close, and keep trying. The reset procedure also seems to be a bit picky about how many seconds you keep it on/off (I forget what the exact recommendation is and what I tried that actually worked, but try again if your first attempt fails). They're probably still tricky, but I think the antenna/weak signal is a big part of this. You shouldn't need to turn it off at the breaker unless your switch doesn't control the entirely of power to your fan/unit, but that would be about the only way to perform the reset procedure if yours doesn't for some reason.

Good luck!


Mine would not pair until I placed a repeater nearby... Didn't matter the hub wasn't much farther... For some strange reason, these seem to need a repeater...


If i want to replace the antenna, I just buy a new one then unscrew or take apart the controller housing to unsnap the old antenna from pigtail connector and snap in the new one?

Sound easy to do for the best result... Thank you! I will check some antenna and order some.

I am going to try pairing it tonight with a long ethernet cable and put hub like 2 feet away from. it won't hurt anything to replace the antenna later after pairing it right? If I successfully pair it tonight.

When instruction said power off then on the fan, did it meant the power button on the very top of the RF remote control or the main power to the fan (breaker).

It's not connect to any wall switch.

Turning off and on is the wall switch or breaker (or however you power the module--so I guess breaker in your case), not the remote. Maybe you're lucky and that's your only problem if you've only tried the remote so far? Still do be careful of the Zigbee strength either way. And along those lines: for the antenna, it's pretty easy--just have to unscrew it and replace it, which is a standard µFL (or maybe reverse?) connector inside. The two linked to in that thread should both work.

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This, yep

Knowing that, I ordered some small switches that live inside the canopy. When I need to pair again, I was able to just drop the canopy onto the fan blades and toggle power.


The leafy one that you're talking about is this one ?

Curious, is your replacement antenna placed outside of the canopy?

Did you do anything to make it match the ceiling? White heat shrink tubing? Paint?

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I put on a longer ethernet cable and move my hub next to the fan. It paired instantly.

At least I am happy to know it not a defective unit, just a poor antenna so I will replace it and get a repeater in the room.

But one last question, if there was a blackout then the fan will unpair and have to be paired again?

One other issue I see is that all my ceiling fans in the house is on the same breaker. The breaker is easily accessible and I really don't want to install a switch inside it either.

Will I be able to pair other fans on the same breaker?

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I haven’t had this issue. It stays paired as long as it has a strong connection via repeater or antenna. I highly recommend putting some sort of inline switch on them especially if you plan to have multiple on the same breaker. I’d hate for you to have issue with one and reset the others.


I will keep that in mind. Thank you for the tip!

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I added the fan to the dashboard and I had to also add another tile for the fan light to the dashboard.

Is there a way to have both in one same tile on the dashboard?

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Mine is placed outside the canopy (maybe my canopies are small, but I don't see how this or the stock antenna would have an easy time fitting inside). I did paint the underside white to match my ceiling. Looks more or less as unobtrusive as the stock antenna then, plus a bit flatter.