Trying figure out motion mstion light and switchez

Looking for some advice and or Ideas. I have a light in my garage that is controlled by a Intermatic HA05C Home Settings Screw In Module which is tied to a Zone Motion Controller with 2 motion sensors in it. This works pretty well, but if im in the garage but not moving around alot, occasionally the light will time out and shut off. The actual switch that circuit it is on is a dumb switich with a guard over it to keep my wife from turning it off.
I have a couple Zooz Zen 34's hanging around looking for something to do. I was contemplating using one in the garage and tieing it to the same switch to turn the light on , and keep it on until turned off. Am i deluding myself thinking this is something that can be done or is this do able? If so, any advice or guidance in how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.

I typically use Event Engine, but am not opposed to Rule machine, I just have a harder time wrapping my mind around it. Especailly if i need to use variables, etc..

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.

How is the zone motion controller setup for these two sensors? Is it setup as "motion aggregation" or "false motion reduction"?

If it is "motion aggregation", what is the activity timeout? The default 5 minutes? If so, one simple solution might be to increase the activity timeout.

Definitely doable in Rule Machine. I don't have a Zen 34, but I use other button controllers similarly.

False motion reduction. Activation window 1 second. I don't see a time out. I don't nt recall setting it either.

I suggest using "motion aggregation" mode. With the default time-out of 5 minutes.

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