TRV advice

Hi, I bought a Moe's TRV as a bit of a trial. Although it's been a good valve head, the touch screen is a bit fiddly and is too frustrating when we need to alter the temperature. In short, it doesn't have WAF.

I've found these Tuya versions AliExpress which appear to have a rotation dial to alter the temperature. Does anyone have experience of these, does it have a rotation dial to alter the temp and is there a driver out there which works well. Ps, I'm in the UK

I am also using Moe's TRV with Tuya Wall Thermostat drivers, see drivers below:

I hardly use the touch screen as I normally alter the setpoint temp on the device driver, Google home, or using the built in thermostat scheduler app.

Moe's TRV's are working great for me so I don't know about the other TRV's but I presume they are all the same. I guess a rotation dial will make it easier for controlling the temp on the device instead of pressing the home button and then pressing the plus or minus sign.

Thanks for your speedy response. I guess the question is, will the driver work with this TRV.

It's hard to say whether this Tuya thermostat will work with the same driver. Most probably - not. There are too many variations of the thermostats firmware versions, and there is no way to guess what firmware will come with this device.

I thought this may be the case. Does anyone have any recommendations on TRV's which have a working driver. Thanks in advance

If you can identify the TRV that you are planning to purchase in this database :

then it will be easier to check if there is a suitable driver already available for Hubitat.

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