Troubles with ZWave Lock from Rules

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help with issues I have am having with zwave locks. The locks themselves seem to work fine if I unlock and lock directly from the device page, but as soon as try to do it from rule, it usually only works after a long delay and sometimes never at all.

Here is a perfect example that I put together as a test. I have a simple rule that just locks the door on a virtual button press. at 2:29:19, i push the button to trigger the rule, this happens immediately yet it takes nearly 49 seconds 2:30:08 for the lock to react. Prior to the tests I unlocked and locked repeatedly from the device page without really any delay at all.

Here are the logs from the device. Any thoughts on why the delay is here? What is a supervised session?

Thanks in advance.

dev:712022-06-06 02:30:08.198 pm infoBack Door Lock is unlocked
dev:712022-06-06 02:30:08.196 pm debugDoorLockOperationReport: DoorLockOperationReport(doorLockMode: 0, outsideDoorHandlesMode: 1, insideDoorHandlesMode: 0, doorCondition: 2, lockTimeoutMinutes: 254, lockTimeoutSeconds: 254)
dev:712022-06-06 02:30:08.194 pm debugparse: zw device: 46, command: 6203, payload: 00 10 02 FE FE 00 00 , isMulticast: false
dev:712022-06-06 02:30:07.942 pm debugsupervision report for session: 25
dev:712022-06-06 02:30:07.939 pm debugparse: zw device: 46, command: 6C02, payload: 19 01 02 , isMulticast: false
dev:712022-06-06 02:29:29.461 pm debugrefresh()
dev:712022-06-06 02:29:24.443 pm debugre-sending supervised session: 25
dev:712022-06-06 02:29:19.424 pm debugnew supervised packet for session: 25
dev:712022-06-06 02:29:19.422 pm debugunlock()```

@lparks Can you post a copy of the rule as well? Also while you're at it post your z-wave details page in it's entirety


@rlithgow1 ... Thanks for responding! here are some screenshots of rule and zwave layout. please let me know what you discover.

Ok 0xb is a ghost and needs removed. This will definitely interfere with commands

0x42 Is ghost like (note no route) it could be because it's a sleepy device but it's mains powered so unlikely. I would exlude, factory reset and re pair it.

I would also re pair anything with s0 or s2 without security. The only thing recommended to use security with are locks and garage door items. Doing those things (especially dealing with ghosts) will make your mesh a lot happier.


I did play a little morning and I noticed when I took the front door lock out of the rule, the response time was much better, at least this morning. If one device in a rule is a weaker signal, could that effect the speed of the rule for devices with stronger signals? Are action issued in serial or parallel?

The issue isn't the rule so much as the ghosts. With the ghosts, things are likely trying to route through it and coming to a dead end.


I agree with @rlithgow1. I would recommend you fix the following:

  1. Remove the ghosts.
  2. Re-pair the S0 devices as security β€œNone” (the locks will have to remain S0).
  3. Ideally the S2 Authenticated devices would also be re-paired as security β€œNone”.

OK Everyone thanks for the advice. I got rid of the ghosts using the external ZWAVE PCController and have repaired all devices to security "None". With the locks
I have one that is S2 Access Control (Ultraloc) and one that is S0 (Yale). Should I leave those as is for best performance.

So far things do seem a little snapier, but I'll give it few days and see how it all goes.


Also you can install Reliable Lock from Hubitat package manager

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out of curiosity, are Zigbee locks generally more reliable than zwave?

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I switched my z-wave lever lock and deadbolt to new Yale zigbee locks about 2.5 years ago. I find these to be 100% reliable, without needing any bandaids. My memory says that even the author of Reliable Locks changed the radios in his locks to zigbee radios.

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What lock brand is?
I am using August Lock Pro with built-in ZWave.
By itself lock works perfectly fine.
However it never worked reliably over ZWave.
Stupid thing goes to sleep. If it is not sleeping ZWave works as expected.
But when it goes to sleep ZWave is not functional.
I do have few beaming repeaters and I did try "Reliable Lock".
Nothing really helped.
My solution is - Home Assistant.
I installed HA for getting rid of the SwitchBot Cloud for curtains.
As a side effect I found August Integration.
I really hate clouds but it is better than nothing.

I just got this new ultraloq bolt pro, which is what sent me down this rabbit hole of finally figured out why all my home automation works great except for my locks. I love that it has a physical key (schlage key), fingerprint AND zwave. But not if the zwave is going to be as flaky as my 10 year old quickset lock. I am confused why vendors continue to make zwave locks if the protocal just doesn't work well with it.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave Smart Lock – U-tec,

ill give a few days, but maybe it goes back. they have a wifi version to0, not sure if the wifi one works with HE...

I do have an older yale zigbee that i will try too.

I have 3 schlage be469 z-wave plus locks. Not one has had a misfire.


you give me hope, ill keep trying to figure out my problems...

Another thing a lot of us do is use beaming repeaters close to the locks. I recommend Ring V2's.

How does your z-wave status table look at this point?

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still 2 hops between me and the front door.

this one?

don't all mains switches act as repeaters? ithe lock is about 6" from a zwave switch

Yeah that one is great. You still have a ton of route changes from the lock. When you put the repeater in, do a repair on the lock. If that doesn't force the route change to the repeater, re pair the lock.

A lot of things come into play even with mains devices acting as repeaters. Metal boxes, stuff in the walls, etc. It's always recommended to use a beaming repeater as close to locks as you can. Will also help with battery use.

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