Triggered Rule causing groovy error


My mailbox notification rule is throwing a groovy error:

[app:1119]( 20:25:39.258 [error]( No such property: id for class: java.lang.String (allHandler)

[app:1119]( 20:25:39.226 [info]( - Notify John TR: John presence present

[app:1119]( 20:24:32.821 [info]( --> John present [true]

[app:1119]( 20:24:32.805 [info]( --> Variable Mail Delivered(true) = true [true]

[app:1119]( 20:24:32.780 [info]( --> Variable Mail Collected(false) = false [true] 

here is the rule:

It occurs when I arrive home. I never get the message that the mail has been delivered. If I am home when the mailman comes, then I get the message. It seems that the presence trigger is the problem, b/c the variable as a trigger works fine.


Unrelated to your issue, but I'm interested in the concept. I could put a sensor on my mailbox to know it was opened... but how do you know mail has been collected versus delivered?


I have a few rules in addition to the one I uploaded. There are some restrictions too.

Mail Collected TR - can have its private boolean set
Mail Delivered TR - is only active between noon and midnight (my mailman usually doesn’t come until after 1 or 2pm. that way if we put something out for him to pickup in the morning it won’t mess up the rule logic.

Then everything gets reset at midnight

My notification only goes off when I’m home. I figured I really only need to know if the mail is present if I am present to go and get it (we have a long driveway). So if I’m present it sends me a notification. if I’m not present, it sends me a notification when I arrive, and then if I ignore those it sends me a final one at 8pm to remind to go get the mail.


I'm not quite understanding. Is this right? You put mail in the box and with time restrictions it now knows there is something to be picked up. Then when the mailbox opens around the time the mailman comes, it changes both variables - collected and delivered? If so, then there is a possibility the mailman collected but didnt deliver anything, and you would still be notified that something was delivered?

I guess my confusion is - did you find some way to actually know if the mailbox has anything in it after it has been opened?


No, the rule only fires after the mailman delivers the mail. Then the variable “mail delivered” is true. Once someone retrieves the mail “mail collected” is true and the notifications no longer fire.

The restriction prevents “mail delivered” from turning true if the mailbox is opened before noon. As you can see from the rule, the trigger is simply the door contact sensor opening and closing.


Oh! Ok I get it now. I thought mail collected meant the mailman picked up your outgoing and was confused how you were determining if he picked something up or left something or both. Going to have to see if a contact sensor will be able to reach my hub from the mailbox!


@bravenel any thoughts about my error?


I will look into it.

I am able to reproduce this error. Investigation continues...


I think I’m still seeing this error with the most recent updates. Not sure if it was supposed to be fixed or not.


I'm sorry, I forgot all about this. I have to start over trying to understand what the error is about.

Would it be possible for you to show me logs again for this, but show a screenshot instead of cut/paste?

Update: I just created a Triggered Rule just like the one you first showed above, and it does not throw an error.


I recreated my rule in order to test it and I'm still getting the error. not much to the screenshot:


Did you have logging turned on for the rule? Please show the rule again.


I do have the logs on. here is the screen shot of the new rule:


From what you can tell this is throwing the error upon the presence arrival? I asked about the logs so that you would show them to me.

Edit: I have a rule just like yours, and it does not throw an error. Here are it's logs for example;


yes, it only seems that the presence trigger is the problem. the other triggers work fine. tell me what logs you need and i'll show them to you. what I posted above is all that showed up when my presence changed.


If you have all 4 logging options turned on, and isolate the logs to the app, you will get something like what I just posted above. Presumably with an error in the middle of it.


this is seriously all that it is showing:


Please show me the app state for Rule Machine (the parent app).


Also, for the rule throwing the error, please pull up its App Events (app status page, Events button).