Trick or treat?

Is your home Halloween ready?

Here is a new video that might help you get your home ready to welcome trick or treaters.

Devices used:
IKEA SYMFONISK Sonos speaker
Wiz color wi-fi light bulb
Neo Coolcam motion sensor

If you don't have a Hubitat Elevation hub, you can grab one here: Collections – HUBITAT


@bobbyD Loved the video! It's making me want to try some new automations using audio. Does audio have to be uploaded to the hub? Could Plex be somehow integrated for the audio files? If not could an always on computer or USB storage on a router work? If this can work it brings me one step closer to divorcing Alexa.


Yes, you can use any hosted local or cloud mp3 files.

There are many sites that you can find cool sound effects. Some are free some are not, here are a few that I used in the past:


Awesome setup, I’m intending to do something similar.

Are you able to please share the mp3 file you used (it’s epic!)?


This was incredibly helpful, thank you!


Did this but I got the Sengled zigbee bulbs, and I have trouble with it. Sometimes they won’t turn on or off. Do you recommend switching to wifi bulbs ? Thanks !

I'm using a LIFX NightVision A60 Wi-Fi globe for this, and it works really well.

PS, for anyone curious, here is how I set up my Rules:

LIFX NightVision A60 Colour Globe:

Google Home Mini (via Chrome Cast integration):

I was trying to keep it budget friendly. I have 4 bulbs outside. But thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, they are pretty spendy, I bought a 2nd hand one from Amazon which saved me a decent amount over retail.

Sengled bulbs don't repeat so you need a zigbee repeater nearby...

I prefer Lifx over Sengled. Better color matching, brightness. 100% local hubitat integration.

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I love his "Pete the Hub Whisperer" tagline. :laughing: Great video!

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If anyone wants a Tombstone to hide their Nest Mini in on their front porch, I designed a 3D printed model for folks to use:

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If anyone has more information on how to do something like this with Plex Media Server as the source, I would love to look at it.

How can you do this with an Amazon Alexa? Tried doing so with echo speaks installed, Alexa says she can’t find that track on amazon music!?

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I spent a whole day looking for solutions, in the end I gave up and un-retired my Nest Mini.

@Pete any chance you could please share your audio file? I couldn’t find anything as good.

We got a few less kids this year due to the rain, but the dozen or so groups we did have loved our setup.

This is what happened when someone walked up the path to our front door:

Thanks for the inspiration Hubitat crew. :+1:


This is similar to my issue - I have the mp3 file loaded on hubitat, play track on my echo show and it just says back to me "I can't find that track on Spotify" for some reason

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