Trash Day Reminder

I created a rule that uses 4 Inovelli LEDs to remind everyone that it is trash day. A notification is also sent to Pushover.
I created a global variable that the rule uses to determine the color of the light (yellow or green). The rule also changes the variable for the next week.
Normally those LEDs show the status of the HVAC system, which is why the first action is to pause the "LED Therm" rule. The last action resumes the rule 24 hours later. But there is a button set up (in another very simple rule) that will resume that rule and reset the LEDs if the trash has been taken out.
Thought this might be useful to someone else in the future.


Thanks for sharing!

I like the switch you did for recycle every other week. I've been meaning to do that in my own trash day reminder.

Oh man, I'm totally using this! I always forget when recycling day is like @mikee385 has as it's every other week.

Thanks for the tip @kyroha!

Happy to help. I like the idea of having more example rules here for people to use, at least as a starting point, for their own setups.
Forgetting to take out the recycling was the whole reason I set this up. Especially over the last year we get a lot of cardboard. Forget one week and we were swimming in it two weeks later when the next time came around.

I had a very similar rule for mine. I did not think to use my Inovelli switch notifications. I did steal your wording as mine was a little clunky lol.

Also, you could move your variable IF/THEN statements into your main if/then statement and eliminate an if/then statement.....

I think I did that because I was concerned that if the first IF changed the variable then the second ELSE-IF (which I see from your rule could just be ELSE) would become true and strange things might happen. I just wanted to be sure that the variable wouldn't change until everything else had run. But your way is much simpler so I may change mine to something similar.

You probably just jinxed me LOL. But so far it has been spot on for over a year. I think that for the first time I had to manually set the variable to true or false depending on which cycle it was on.... Now I have to incorporate my notification LEDs. Thanks for the idea!

Hey, if it works it works. I am almost certainly wrong about how RM would handle that. Meaning that it would probably check both statements and only run the one that is true. But I am no programmer, and still pretty new at this type of logic. So sometimes If I'm not sure I tend to just error on the safe side. Meaning I end up with rules 3 times as long as they need to be :slight_smile:

Question for ya -- do you have the notification go away after a certain time or do you clear it with the double-tap?

Alexa is my friend where trash reminders are concerned. :nerd_face:

It clears by itself after 24 hours, basically at the point where the trash man has probably already come and it's too late. I use button 7 on one of the switches to clear it if I know the trash is at the curb. That is done in another very simple rule. Although, it occurs to me as I write this that I could probably handle that in the same rule if I wanted to.