Trane Zwave Thermostat

I have been moving all my devices from the ST hub to hubitat.. I have to say the Device discovery in hubitat leaves a lot to be desired.. any who.. I have moved most of my devices over, but i am not having any luck with my thermostat.. I checked the supported devices and it isn't on there.. Any possible way to get this thing added? I rather not purchase a new thermostat..

Trane TZEMT400BB3NX N N SL Home Energy Management Thermostat with Nexia Home Intelligence, White (Z-Wave)

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You didn't say what the problem is. Does it not pair, or does it pair but simply as a "Device" without a proper driver?

If it pairs but doesn't automatically find the driver, try using the "Generic Z-Wave Thermostat" driver. If this works and you're feeling extra generous, provide the information from the "More..." button when pairing (unfortunately only available then--or at least with ZigBee devices; I don't know as much about how it matches Z-Wave devices), so staff can match this driver with this device and help others find it in the future automatically.

If it's not pairing at all, it's likely a device problem. Make sure it was properly excluded from ST. If you did a "force remove," try to get it properly excluded; you don't technically need to do that from ST (you can put Hubitat into general exclusion mode from Settings > Z-Wave Details, then follow the manufacturer's directions for putting the thermostat into exclusion mode, and to be extra sure, I'd probably watch the Hubitat logs to see if it really happens). If there's a way to do a "factory reset" or similar on the thermostat beyond that, it certainly wouldn't hurt either (and might be enough without exclusion, but Z-Wave devices are funny sometimes). If you're far away from the hub, that could also be a problem, particularly if it's not a Z-Wave Plus device capable of pairing through the mesh.

Sorry about that.. It doesn't pair at all.. It appears the pairing cycle of the thermostat is maybe 3 seconds, i'm not sure that is long enough for the hubitat to see the signal and add it in.. I also had trouble with other devices, but after trying what seemed to be 100 times hubitat finally saw the device and added it, but I haven't be so lucky with the thermostat..

I should also mention I am able to add this device back into ST and Vera 3 fine.. I also had this device added into HA when I was using it..

I can confirm Trane Z-Wave Thermostat pairs and works with Hubitat Elevation. I have three of thermostats, previously paired with VeraLite. The key was to set the Trane to Z-Wave exclude mode.

To set the Trane Z-Wave Thermostat to exclude mode

  1. Hit the menu button, the bottom left most button
  2. Go down to Z-Wave Install and hit select
  3. Hit the up button to start the exclude
  4. Follow the Hubitat instructions to exclude your thermostat

In pair, follow the same steps except #3 will be add. Hope this helps for future Trane Hubitat users.

Do you have a variable speed compressor? Although I love my variable speed compressor based Trane heat pump, as it is a communicating thermostat I basically have no other options. My builder tried to sell me a nest thermostat but if you use anything other than manufacturer communicating thermostat you completely lose the variable speed function and it reverts to just being an 2-stage type system which is much less efficient.

I have not been able to find ANY "smart" thermostat that works with communicating systems other than the manufacturer provided ones. If anyone is aware of other options, please chime in.

But be aware that you have a Trane comfort care XV type system with variable speed compressor you must use only the Trane thermostat or you totally lose the variable compressor function which is the whole key to efficiency and comfort. BTW this is also true (AFAIK) of every other brand.

To my knowledge after researching in depth on this is there aren't any, and I actually don't look for there to be either. Hence the name "proprietary" thermostats.

One thing I've learned in anything "smart" related is to stay far far away from anything "proprietary" as once you are locked into their system then you at their mercy and rational decisions become far more difficult.

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Yah our builder's "smart home integrator" was pushing us to upgrade us to one of their integrated smart thermostats. He was totally unaware (and they run a company that does this for a living) that using a non-manufacturer thermostat in a communicating system would completely inactivate the variable speed compressor that I just spent several thousand dollars to upgrade to. So frustrating. I hope one of the smart thermostat companies can figure out how to integrate with Trane in the future.

I wouldn't hold your breath. Most smart thermostats allow for 2 speed because it's a simple (basically) on/off switch to do so. In order to operate the variable speed it would require being able to integrate into the circuit board of the HVAC unit, which is what makes it "proprietary" as the HVAC manufactures won't be making that access "open source" for all thermostat manufacturers to adapt to as this is their way of locking you into their system.

This is why after researching this because I will be shortly replacing my HVAC I will be going with the most efficient 2 speed version available and then increasing that efficiency with my self automated themostat logic.


You should be (IMO) weary of those as well, just last year Nest removed their "works with Nest" program limiting the ability of users to integrate the thermostat.


@2005 - this is exactly what I did about a year ago. Replaced a single-speed AC with a 2-stage heat-pump. Heating bills have dropped dramatically. Cooling bills have dropped as well but less dramatically. However, the increase in indoor comfort during the summer (in hot, humid, New Orleans) is incredible.

At the same time as I spent about $12K in the 2-stage heat-pump, an associate of mine spent ~ $14K for a variable speed AC (not heat-pump). His indoor comfort is marginally better than mine. At 70F, his indoor RH is 50%. AT 70F, my indoor RH is 52-55%.

However, for the same size equipment (3-ton unit), and generally similar set-points, his cooling bills are slightly higher than mine.

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@aaiyar I'm curious as to what system you purchased and what thermostat you're using? I'm currently using the latest ecobee with smart sensors and I really like the ecobee. However, our AC is about 20 years old and the furnace is over 30. So, I'm currently shopping for systems and have about 4 quotes (with another next week), and everyone is pushing me hard to use their "amazing" thermostat due to the communication piece. It obviously concerns me quite a bit to get locked into only a Lennox, Bryant, Trane, etc Thermostat.

Having done that, Iā€™m not sure I would do it again. Having a variable speed compressor sounds great and mine does lock humidity at exactly where I set it, but the OEM thermostats are just lacking.