HE Compatible Thermostat for Trane XL17i AC

I am thinking of replacing the thermostat on my Trane variable speed AC system with one that would be compatible with my HE. I think that Trane thermostats communicate with the air handler and compressor through a proprietary format, so I might be limited to Trane thermostats. I was looking at the Trane XL824. Has anyone had any experience with integrating this unit into an HE setup?

A quick search of the forum shows that the Trane Z-wave thermostat apparantly works with the generic hubitat driver.

It doesn't list it but I believe that's the XL624

FYI - that thermostat is compatible with variable speed air-handlers (blowers), but not variable speed compressors. It can control single-stage or two-stage units.

I have a Trane XR14c system and I use a Go-Control thermostat. It's worked great and got a very nice rating from the HE staff.

Thanks everyone for your helpful feedback. My XL19i is a 2 compressor dual stage heat pump, designed for 2 stage cool and 2 stage heat. It's also designed to be used with a variable speed air-handler, not multi speed. So, I imagine that will restrict which thermostat I will be able to use.

Same setup I have. It'll work with any thermostat that supports a 2-stage HP (I use an ecobee3). The air-handler control board has the smarts that controls the variable speed blower. The thermostat simply sends an on/off signal.

For the 2-stage HP, I have staging configured to be controlled by the ecobee3.

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