Trane XL850 compatibility

I just had a new HVAC system installed and the installer used the Trane XL850 with Zwave plus. However on closer examination it appears that it in of itself is a Zwave hub that's designed to work with this Nexia service. Is there a way to control this from hubitat or am I just having to look for another thermostat?

Not familiar with the device personally, but from what I can tell, it won’t work as a z-wave thermostat. So unless it has an API to access on the Ethernet/wifi side of it, it probably can’t be controlled by Hubitat.

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Yea that's my worry is that it's acts like a Zwave hub specifically under a proprietary service

I believe the nexia service is about to cease to exist.

Trane will replace it with something else if they haven’t already.

But that thermostat is probably going to be tricky to integrate with Hubitat (if it can be at all).

I'm looking at the pin-outs now. It seems that Trane uses a brand specific D wire for some sort of communication. My concern is that if I find something that's compatible with hubitat am I then handicapping my entire HVAC because they were "designed" specifically to work together.

I would see what I could find out re: external control of modes and temp settings. Maybe in a manual or from someone at Trane. It’s possible they designed it for some other kinds of integrations that could be tapped into.

So I got hubitat to find it by bridging it in ; however it appears there's definitely going to be a lot of compatibility issues. I get a dozen or so control parameters to appear but the XL850 does not appear to act upon anything set through hubitat.

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What kind of device driver does it use in hubitat?

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I think it can functions as a secondary controller in Hubitat. But definitely not as a thermostat.


The XL850 is a communicating thermostat that connects to an equipment interface module/board in the air-handler, and possibly to the outdoor unit as well.

As long as you do not have a variable speed compressor, it should be possible to replace this setup with a conventional thermostat. And suffer no loss in efficiency.


Nope it's variable which is what the installation vendor was saying. So it doesn't leave a lot of options to use it with hubitat.

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Daikin is the only manufacturer whose variable speed compressors are compatible with conventional thermostats. I so much wish other HVAC manufacturers would do what Daikin does.

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Bosch IDS 1.0 and 2.0 are also variable speed compressors with standard thermostat. I have a 2.0 heat pump.

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Purchased this very same one about 4 months ago. It will pair but you can't control it remotely. I sent it back and purchased the Amazon and love it. Also can use with Alexa

There should be a way to integrate with Hubitat. Someone wrote a groovy script for SmartThings to make it work. I wouldn't know how to port it over. I've been looking and waiting for one as well.

Maybe you can post the script here for someone to look at...

Hello... I'd like add to this discussion to try and help figure this out, but I am just a "hacker" (meaning I try a bunch of code to see if it works).

I have the vr18 (variable speed compressor) AC model and the XL850 thermostat. I had to get access to it this way.

  • Use a Device Handler in SmartThings IDE called: NEXIA Thermostat: which allowed me to connect to the TRANEHome web service.
  • This allowed for me to create a Device in SmartThings that could interface with the NEXIA (TRANE) web system. But it did not work quite right with webCore (where I've built my energy automation).
  • I created a ST virtual switch for the AC
  • In a routine, when that ST virtual switch is turned on/off by webCore, ActionTiles, or anything else, the ST routine would turn the AC on/off. This works.

I'd like to get access to other parameters from the AC unit like compressor speed, or runtime information (which is available on the thermostat screen). But it seems through webCore or ST, only the temperature and typical thermostat status information is available.

Hope this helps someone along in the post-groovy phase.

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Just pulled down the source code for the app and child device to take a look at what a port would look like.


Pretty soon you're going to be the resident HVAC integration manager.

Another example of your generous help.

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Wasn't too bad. Import the below into App Code and Device Driver Code respectively:

Device Driver:

Go to Apps and Add User App for the Nexia Thermostat Manager, fill in your Trane User Name and Password, and hit Done. Application will create the device.

Open the device created, set the polling rate, and hit save.

Edit: Now available in HPM…


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