Trane XL850 compatibility

Working great. Not sure if OAuth was needed or not. I don't quite understand that yet.

HE is able to monitor and control the XL850. A one minute push interval is the quickest available, a more responsive push or instantaneous (or at least a few seconds) update would be nice. :grin:

I do wish it could also report more details that are shown on the Thermostat itself like, compressor percentage, air filter usage in days, etc... But that info isn't even available on the TRANEHome portal, so not sure it is accessible using this NEXIA integration.

Thanks again!

Doesn't require OAuth. This is basically mimicking a user on the portal so if it isn't there I can't get to it with this app. Actually pushes immediately, the 1 minute. etc. is to pull data back from the cloud, I can lower the threshold to whatever but if you go too low you risk not getting a full response back before the next request goes in.

Thanks for the note.

FYI this is what a Tile looks like. The "unknown" is usually 'cooling' or something, but so far this has stayed as 'unknown' when idle or running.


Seems to work, maybe a little more sluggish than I'd like, but does change the Therm.

Next I'll try to build some automations using this device.


I just fixed the “Unknown” issue if you want to re-pull the code.


I have the XL824 and have been hoping for integration with Hubitat. Thank you for putting this together for Hubitat. I installed through HPM and it seems to be working okay. I also have the "unknown" in the title of the tile. I installed the update through HPM but still see the "unknown".
No big deal though- I'm just thankful that my thermostat is now part of my HE environment.

THANK YOU for making the time. Sure wish I knew how to make things work like that- You're awesome!


Great stuff... tile with updated code. Thanks.


Took me a while to figure out how to 'update', I got it done, but probably did it the hard way.

Thank you Again!

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The cause was a “ghost” attribute - one that shows up during an update but isn’t retained. If you have the latest code, the Nexia Thermostat device driver line 32 will show:

attribute "thermostatOperatingState", "string"

If you don’t have that line re-import the code or do an HPM Repair, and that should fix it.

Refreshed and the "unknown" is now gone. I checked my logs and I see a couple errors (snapshots below). The app seems to working good but the errors are flagging something... Any ideas?

Nexia Thermostat Manager:


The call to Trane’s server is timing out, i.e. the server is slow in responding. I may be able to increase the timeout value, but normally not something to worry about as long as it resolves at some point - affects how current the attribute data is.

Hi, I'm not sure if this error is with the groovy part or how I may have installed the app, or how I installed HPM, but I get this error in HPM when updating the XL850 app.

Not sure what causes that, but usually if you retry it will go through. If you still have an issue try doing a Repair instead.

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Hi, seems like I may have ruined my setup by tinkering with some setting or another. I noticed that I lost connection to TraneHOME, and tried to re-install everything. I also went so far as removing all devices and apps, even the saved code. Rebooted a few times, then re-installed fresh with raw code.

The device shows up, properly named but I don't get any data pulled. The log looks like this.

Any idea on how I messed it up? Was working wonderfully the last many days.

PS. I also noticed this in the logs.. maybe this helps explain things? Are these old ghosts or just a history?

There should only be one Nexia Therm (Which is named CT West on the unit).

The log will show all devices/apps that created a log entry until that log entry is forced off the file. So no worries there. The error message is saying that TraneHome didn't return any data for the thermostat during the poll cycle -> off the top of my head could be a couple of things

  1. The user name or password changed after you created the device
  2. The hub can't see

Thanks. For #2, I can see it when clicking (comes up in the browser), and I reentered ID/Password and it created a device correctly named (so it is reading the TRANEHome data). But still no data being available for the device.

What happens if you hit Poll? Does it have a scheduled job at the bottom?

Doesn't look like anything different happens except maybe an additional error in the log.

PS. I used some of the other buttons within the device screen and they were sent to the thermostat (changed the setpoints, changed it from auto to cooling and back). But still not new data being pulled.

PPS: Maybe this log give more insight?

Only place I see any multiplication in the Thermostat Master is line 337

            humidity: (stat.current_relative_humidity * 100).toInteger(),

Maybe try commenting that out (place 2 slashes - // at the front of the line)

Not sure what was blocking it, but I just deleted my TRANE account and started from scratch.

To your point before, I did notice that the online portal was reporting a 0% humidity level. After the reset, it is now reporting back at 38%, so maybe there was a glitch there?

Seems to be working again, sorry for the user created error.

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Could the same could be done for "Pentair Screen Logic" pool equipment controller (without having to use an Rpi)? Would be nice to be able to monitor and control within Hubitat.

The only integrations I’ve seen for this require a NodeJS server of some type, but in theory if the device is on the network it should be possible to communicate with it directly. Having said that I’m not sure that it’s a project I’d undertake without a lot more research.

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