Tradfri Driver for wireless control - won't DIM

I have a Tradfri 30W Driver for wireless control. If used with the IKEA DIRIGERA hub, the wireless dimmer can dim, turn on/off up to 10 light sources - all will behave in the same way.

I have it paired to my Hubitat using the "IKEA Tradfri Control Outlet" driver, which only provides on/off functionality. I tried the generic dimmer driver, no luck. I reallt want this thing to Dim and want to integrate a motion sensor later.

If you're OK with using community drivers, I can point you to this thread: [RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers (disclaimer: I am the author for the drivers in the link above). The driver there offers a bit more control like:

  • Choose what happens after a power outage (e.g. in the middle of the night): turn lights on, turn lights off, or restore to the same state prior to the power loss.
  • Choose that happens when you turn the lights on: always start a predefined fixed level (e.g. 75%) or restore to the level used when the lights were turned off.
  • You can command the lights to turn on and also configure an interval when they will automatically turn off.

If the motion sensor you mentioned is the IKEA Tradfri motion sensor, I don't think you can get away without using a community driver since Hubitat does not yet offer out-of-the-box support for them.

If you're also interested in updating the firmware for your IKEA devices, I can point you to this other thread where folks help each other with advice, tips and tricks, and a positive attitude: [GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates.

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@dandanache , I tried your driver for my 5 Tradfri LED drivers and they stopped working for motion triggers…I did not figure out why this was happening. The E1743 (IKEA on/off remote) driver worked great :slight_smile:

@BLink-SB , try using “Advanced Zigbee Bulb” for the driver. That has been working just fine for me for the last two years with dimming etc. You may want to also try @dandanache ’s driver as well to update the firmware on your device. Firmware is “built” in to the latest hub firmware.

I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong... What app do you use to control the led driver using the motion sensor? Rule Machine, Room Lighting?

I use the Room Lighting app. There are six of the Tradfri LED drivers in my setup. It's a simple motion rule that fires the lights up at 90%. There was a driver setting to turn on at the last setting, or a preset (and you need to pick one to save settings)...I was wondering if maybe that caused the issue? This Basement setup triggers six bulbs and two LED drivers:

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This is the driver I have been using for these LED drivers. Also have been using mine for two years in this house, and I think for about two years in the old house (depending on when @mike.maxwell introduced that driver). Can't remember what I used before that. Maybe just the original generic zigbee bulb driver. Has always worked fine, with the only occasional annoyance being that the IKEA LED drivers lose connection with HE after a power outage sometimes and I have to rejoin them in place. I've been meaning to try Z2M on HA with them to see if that was still an issue.


Same, I occasionally have to rejoin, however that was with the original firmware. I updated all the GU10 Tradfri bulbs and LED drivers to the latest firmware last week. Fingers crossed that they will behave a bit better.