Tracking Light Dimming

Is there a way to track what app is causing a light to dim at a certain time?
I've got some lights that dim every night at 9:30PM without fail and I can find nothing in my Apps that are configured to do so.

It is part of a group but the rest of the group doesn't behave this way.
It's a Z-Wave dimmer.

I'm not asking anybody to tell me why, maybe just how to help track it down.

(The 12:32 is interesting I never noticed that. Maybe it's the same thing going on.)

I saw this post but it didn't seem to dig in too much:

There is probably a simple way, but simple always eludes me. I would look at the bottom of the dimmer’s device page and see which apps are touching it, enable logging for each one and see what’s in the past logs after 9:30.

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