How to track down event?

How can I track down an event that happened?

Example: (from the logs)

[dev:14]( 15:03:43.823 info Kitchen under cabinet hue was set to 0%

That gets logged. I can not find what is making that call. Any way to find out what triggered it?

[dev:14] means that device id of 14 made that entry. So going to http://hub ip/device/edit/14 will take you to that device.

You can also click on that link in the log to filter only those devices, and at the top of logging will display the name of the device and find it that way as well.

Is there any way to see what caused or commanded or executed (whatever term you choose to use) a particular change in a device. For example in ST you can see what ordered a particular even to occur.

dev 14 IS my Kitchen under cabinet lights. It's just that I shouldn't have ANY rules anywhere that change the the "hue" of the something told it to do that???

In the device details. You should see a apps in use by. Anything there?

And seeing that it was Hue was it changed outside of hubitat and this is just the refresh syncing?

Yes all automations checked and all are on/off set level commands. I don't even use the colored lights part of that strip. Also it's not Philips HUE .... that setting is changing the "HUE" of the light. IT's an OSRAM connected directly Zigbee to the hub. It's baffling.

Still having this issue...but this seemed interesting:

[dev:14] ( 11:05:22.576:info Kitchen under cabinet hue was set to 0%

[dev:14] ( 10:05:19.467:info Kitchen under cabinet hue was set to 0%

Exactly 1 hour apart.... again this is not a Philips Hue light. This is the Hue being set by something. Checked all of my automations on the device page. Nothing even changes the color of these lights. I just use white.