Top 3 most used smart products

I'm just wondering what everyone's too 3 most used/useful smart products.

I would aay

  1. Hive heating (not touched a thermostat in ages)
  2. Sengled Element smart bulb
  3. Google mini
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  1. Samsung Buttons
  2. Inovelli Z-Wave Scene Switches
  3. Hubitat Hub
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  1. Lutron Caseta Lighting controlled via Iris v2 Motion Sensors
  2. IoTaWatt power monitoring to trigger laundry complete notifications
  3. Amazon Alexa Echos

Hubitat Hub to tie everything together, of course! :wink:

  1. Honeywell T6 z-wave thermostat controlled using the output from 8 Konke temp/rh sensors
  2. Lutron Caseta Lighting controlled via Aqara/Dome motion sensors
  3. Sengled CT bulbs + Sonos speakers that help me go to bed and wake up

Lurton RA2 dimmers
Sengled LED strips
Contact, Motion, Lumen sensors

All for lighting control

Sonos would be a close second, then Alexa for notification, but I could go on for days :laughing:

  1. Iris v2 motion sensors.
  2. Hue outdoor motion, pushover alert triggers tasker to pull up doorbell camera. (Sensitivity adjustment and placement was key at preventing false notifications.)
  3. Hue Lighting. (Using @bertabcd1234's Coco Hue App.)
  1. Roomba
  2. Alexa devices
  3. HomeKit

Didn't know Sengled made led strips

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  1. Tasmotized Wifi Wall Switches
  2. Lots of Xiaomi/Aqara sensors of different types
  3. IKEA Zigbee Repeaters

They are not the best in terms of cost per foot, or functions. However they are bright at 2700K, decent color brightness (not great), and don't mess up my Zigbee network. Bonus!


Almost all my lighting is Hue, so Hue bulbs with a Hue Bridge (a lot better than any directly-paired bulb in my experience) tops my list. But they'd be hard to automate without motion sensors, so those are up there too (I have a lot of Iris v2 sensors if yiure looking for specifics but an assortment of others too, including a few generations of SmartThings sensors). I could live without my smart thermostat (originally a Zen, now a nearly unbranded Z-Wave one) since I try to minimize its use whenever possible, but at least in the winter months I suppose it's helpful for ensuring I do that if I forget (e.g., if I leave home and forget to adjust it).

I'm not sure anything else that I have are things I like as much as the above. But I suppose having smart locks (with my usage, I probably could have gotten away with manually programming a "dumb" smart keypad...) has saved me from accidentally leaving the doors open when I go to bed...and once when I left home but it was too late to do anything about it. :rofl:

  1. Speakers for TTS - mixture of Sonos & GH mini with the mic switched off
  2. Hue - bridge, lights, motions sensors for lux
  3. ST motions sensors


  1. Lutron Caseta Lighting controlled by Iris v2 motion sensors - all lights are automated
  2. Google/Nest speakers and screens - tons of notifications and voice control
  3. Neato robot vacuum. Not tied to Hubitat but with a big lab that sheds year round, this thing gets a workout!
  1. Alexa
  2. Life360
  3. Lutron Caseta lighting

I love Google homes I hate that dingle noise before if does any TTS.

I forgot about our robot vacuum that's on most nights with a toddler about.

Lutron Seems popular over the pond and I'm curious about all the notifications you get

It used to drive the dogs nuts but they (like we) have got used to it now

I have noticed it doesn't make that noisd on the Chromecast Audio devices which I like a lot

  1. Amazon Echo Devices
  2. Lutron Caseta Lighting/Fan Controls (via Hubitat and Alexa integration)
  3. GE/Jasco In-Wall Receptacles for Lighting (Table Lamps, etc.)

No one few said Hubitat Elevation!

  1. Hubitat Elevation hubs (3 of them)
  2. Hue Bridge and bulbs
  3. Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro and Pico remotes

[Edit] I see @ronv42 and @ogiewon did mention their Hubitat Elevation hubs. I don't know what the rest of you guys were thinking! :neutral_face: