Tivo Telenet Driver

A work in progress tivo Telenet Driver for hubitat if you own a tivo and have a Hub give it a try and let me know how it go.

know issues:
the direct channel number do not work the original telnet command stop working, and the work around need a delay() and the sleep() on the tutorial im reading do not work, if someone could shine some light will be appreciated


I don't know why I would use this but it seems really cool. May test it out on my older model - if I do I will let you know.

Thanks for working on this!!!

I download and install the Tivo and I tested the command and they seem to work good as least the ones that I have tested. I was going to ask do you think it would be possible to add the guide to this as well?
I will do more test on it but so far I like it. Thank you for doing this as I have been having trouble with the Harmony remote as of late and this will help.

Nice work! Just tried this on my Bolt+ and everything I tried (with the exception of channel number entry as you noted) works. Though I was not able to add any custom commands from Rule Machine, I was able to send commands from a WebCoRE piston. If you can get channel number entry working, this would complement the Logitech integration nicely. Thanks!

Apparently the setch () command only does not work on the minis tivos, so if your tivo is not a mini there's no problem, ieeonestop I also add the Guide there is more command sported by this but is to many to put it on the page so im trying to see an option haven them turn on or off on the configuration page.
the new driver is update on GitHub so replace the old driver with the new one and set channel will work if your not mini tivo

Just tried the updated driver; channel entry now works perfectly.

I notice there is no 'Info' function; it would be useful as part of a 'closed caption' macro (I assume there is still no way to control CC directly via telnet). Also, what does 'Initialize' do? I was afraid to try it :thinking:

Thanks again.

I'm using the new UI and it doesn't seem to work. I wonder if they changed something there. Is yours using the new UI?

I didn't know there was a new user interface, I give it a try when I get home today,
I will add the info button too

Thanks @martinez.mp3 guide is now working thanks and I do not have a mini I have the cable version and the device is working good. I will do more testing this evening when I get home.

I wouldn't recommend jumping to the new UI unless you're ready for some pain... It's VERY different, much more like a slowish X1 or Fios box...

@dt1 I think I misunderstood your question I was under the impression that you are taking the new UI on the hubitat hub, but now I realize that you are taking about the TiVo UI if you are taking about the TiVo then it supposed to be working for you. What errors are you getting. Did you enable network remote control?

@Tony I update the driver add info and back, I don't see any command for CC yet update the driver and let me know how it go i also remove some of the unnecessary stuff, Initialize wont do any damage, it yous reconnect hub and the tivo if the connection is lost


Just tried the new driver; 'info' and 'back' are working fine. Thanks!

i want to install it but i cant think of a good reason. what are you guys using this for?

I use the Harmony integration (actually, via ST cloud) to turn the TiVo by voice; but it always comes up with some random channel or at a menu (if the TiVo ha been suspended). Ideally I'd want it to just start playing on the channel I normally use for background noise (CNBC). With this I should be able to have an app monitor a Harmony activity virtual switch (shadowed from ST) and use it to trigger an app which would send TiVo the appropriate commands to get it to show live TV and dial in the channel number. I'd also like to be able to say 'turn on closed captions'; this should be possible with another virtual switch activated by echo triggering a suitable app to generate the commands to turn on CC.

All I need to do is have an app that can generate the commands. It doesn't appear that Rule Machine can do it (there doesn't appear to be any way to generate custom commands for the TiVo device) but I think WebCoRE can do it (at least in the brief experiment I tried).

Harmony can already tune to any channel on a TiVo box via Alexa. In the Harmony app set up favorite channels. In Harmony skill on Alexa choose the favorites that you want to be able to use via voice. You can even set up multiple triggering phrases.

@Tony It not show in the custom command because I accidentally remove something from the top I will get it back on and I'll let you know is not going to take too much time check later on today

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I'm (sort of) aware of this (the 'official' TiVo/Alexa skill; not involving Harmony). I briefly tried out the TiVo Alexa integration and kind of forgot about it; I've been using it with Harmony and voice control of activities for years.

I do use favorite channels already (and do have a macro that sends channel numbers when the activity starts). But every once in a while it doesn't get the screen in the state I want it (usually when the TiVo has gone into and come out of suspend-- I have it set to suspend after a couple of hours of inactivity. The channel numbers get ignored because of the state of the TiVo UI when it is coming out of suspend. I like being able to generate a series of explicit commands by voice like a remote would-- as in a macro for durning on/off CC.

@Tony update the driver but is just one line

	capability "Telnet"
	capability "Initialize"
	capability "Switch"  ///<-----------------this is the addition 
	attribute "channel", "NUMBER"
	command "chUp"

when adding a custom command select "Switch" on the "Select capability for test device"
you will see all the commands there, I test it briefly and it work. test it and let me know

@bill.d and @tomm1313 I start working on this because I have 3 Harmony hubs and 6 tivos they are expensive, I agree they do all what this Driver do but this method is free :wink: , the single harmony hub is 50-80 usd I'm not trying to compete with harmony, I wish I had the knowledge to make a device like that, my goal is to control all my devices in the easy way possible and less investment possible, this's a work in progress and is just my second driver I'm still learning. If I figure out a way I want to write and smart app which manages what channel the tivos are watching and in my kids bedroom be able to change the channel to a different one, depending of time and date. pause the all the TV if I'm transmitting a message through the home speakers or if the alarm go off, pause TV if is motion somewhere depending of time and date or if someone is at the door, that is the kind of things I'm trying to accomplish.
if you can, install the driver and tell me what you thing and what you will want to make it work for you that will be great, if you don't want to test it now that's fine too, keep coming back here maybe one day you will see something that fits your needs and you want to give it try

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