Caavo - Control Center & Universal Remote

For those of you out there that have this device, I'm interested in knowing more about it, and how you like it.

It's my understanding that, at this time, it doesn't integrate at all into Hubitat. At this point though i'm not really looking for that integration, just some feedback on the unit and preferably experience on how it differs/comparison to harmony hub.

One of the things that I hate about logitech hubs are when they get out of sync. Most often when my wife/children will leave the tv on long enough to go to sleep. It's a continual mode of frustration.

Continuing the discussion from Neeo remote:

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It is definitely different than the harmony hub... Some good, some bad. This is not geared around power users that want ultimate flexibility and control. This is geared around making up to 4 devices (well, 5 in some cases if you have a separate soundbar that can be operated via IR) very simple to hook up, and simple to get to streaming content.

Side note, it is on sale 40% off at Best Buy right now and the lifetime service is $10 off too.


  1. Setup was really slick, and flawless on my system. Seriously the most impressive setup of any deivce of its kind. It walked through everything on-screen, and knew my Tivo was a Tivo, my Roku was a Ruko, and my XBOX One was an XBOX One with zero input from me.
  2. I would characterize the system as being geared around two things - watching streaming content, and watching the devices you have physically connected. It doesn't do anything with home automation, it does not do macros, it does not let you get into the guts of your devices to do obscure things 5 menus deep.
  3. The light touch to preview the button function works great, and is very useful.
  4. It detects when someone uses another remote, and tries its best to keep things in sync. I don't know if that would help/work with OPs idle timeout problem, though.
  5. The streaming support is cool. I tell it I want to watch netflix, and it changes to my device of choice (Roku) and starts the Netflix app. Same with Vudu, Hulu, etc.
  6. It only has 1 power button, so you have to pick which function it should always boot up to. For me this is perfect, as 99% of the time I want my cable box. And it is very visitor/guest friendly, as there is only one power button - no menu of activities to look through.


  1. Remote is not backlit.
  2. Remote doesn't have many buttons, so there are only so many features you can do - I think they would say this is a PRO not a CON though, and was done on purpose. There is an "other" button that brings up an on-screen menu with additional functions for a device though.
  3. There is only one power button, so it has to startup to a default activity. Some will not like this (it is in the 'good' column for me though).
  4. Remote button layout is a little sub-optimal. I don't like the volume all the way at the top, for instance.
  5. It only supports 4 devices. I would have 2x of these devices, but my other TV area has 5 devices...
  6. Not very useful (as far as I can tell) for using apps on the TV. It really wants the viewing device to be an HDMI input to the box itself.
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Thanks for this @JasonJoelOld

This is one of my major concerns about the the cons you listed. I use OTA direct with my tv, all though it's rare that I use it, family/others do.

This sounds like a good thing to me, But one thing that I do enjoy about harmony is that I can use a virtual keyboard on the app if needed, Any chance theres an accompanying app? and does it have similar capability?

Does anyone know if it works with Nvida Shield?

There is NOT an app. At least not one for Android, I don't have any Apple devices.

Nvidia Shield is listed as supported. I don't have one, so can't comment on how well. I saw some threads a while ago saying it didn't work well at one point, but then was improved or fixed in a later firmware.

Just saw this while reading through the website, Looks like there is an ios app. That's unfortunate to me as well as it seems like any company that Only support ios for even a while, seems to always treat android as second fiddle even if they throw those users a bone later.

For anyone else interested I saw this in comments on their website:

The remote voice feature does not work with Nvidia Shield TV voice searches or Roku's

There are also a few comments from ~2 months ago claiming problems with shield tv video issues

The Nov firmware had some Sheild specific improvements, but again I don't have one.

And on voice search, the voice search only works on the Caavo. It won't pass the voice through to other devices. But if the Caavo search results have TV channels, you can use the Caavo results to go to the tivo channel/Roku channel, etc.

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This appears to be a basic HDMI 4k switch with a smart remote and search. If you have decent AVR that does 4k switching you're better off using that.

This does not do ARC, so if you plan to use a TV based app like Vudu for 4k HDR and Atmos you are going to have a run a cable directly to the AVR from TV bypassing this.

This does not pass Dolby Vision, so if you have a TV that does and other devices that do, they will have to be directly cabled bypassing this.

If you have a sound bar or older AVR that does not support 4k, HDR and Atmos and don't have enough open ports on your TV this could be good solution.

However, if you are planning to upgrade to a nice 4k HDR TV and want to add real Atmos I wouldn't base your system on this.

It is an interesting device. My wife LOVES it. But she always argued the Harmony was too complicated/had to read the screen and options too much.

Now she has 1 power button that goes to what she wants by default - the Tivo. But in a pinch she can get to Netflix etc, and it works every time.

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It will pass through Atmos (recent addition - 2 days ago. Well technically was there before that, but didn't work right for many). But you are right on Dolby Vision and HLG.

8 channels only. That's a 5.1.2 basic Atmos, I'm currently running 5.2.4 and would really like a 5.2.6.

I doubt they mean 5.1 + plus up to 8 additional Atmos channels, since their PCM and DTS outputs are also listed at 8 channels.

And goes back to my point that if you have or are planning to get an Atmos AVR that can drive 11+ speakers it will be the better HDMI switch.

Good point, and I agree. I wouldn't use this in my main theater room, for instance. Too many devices in there anyway (9).

Good to know for my theatre room, but currently looking at replacing the living room which is setup on a sonos beam.

I see sonos on their compatible devices, but this worries me.

Will I have to have my beam bypassed? I wonder how that will work.

You will have to have the TV ARC output cabled to the Sonos directly. If the Sonos doesn't have multiple inputs then everything plugged into this and anything plugged into the TV will have to pass through the TV. Been a year since I looked but most TVs don't pass Atmos through and only send it out from built in apps. Being a sound bar not important here, just being thorough.

My theater is LG oled, with Denon 4300H Everything goes through the Denon. The cable box remote makes my wife happy, she either watches cable or Netflx through TV speakers. I finding her watching a movie and I say we have that in 4k without commercials on vudu, just press Vudu on this Harmony elite remote but she couldn't be bothered.


Thought Id report back on how this has worked out.

I also got an echo fire tv cube to compare and see what I could do with the ir capability.

Initiual impression of Caavo was very underwhelming. No control of antenna tv stations, no real advantage over fire tv remote. Basically a nice remote and input switcher with some software to interface with various apps.

Echo cube turns out to be a winner for me - and the combination has allowed great voice control of the TV without needing a remote at all.

I left the Caavo attached and use that remote as its more stylish and functions well. I also was able to automate the tv and receiver to turn on when I open the media cabinet doors through IFTT. Something I'd been struggling to do ... so will keep the Caavo and continue to explore possibilities - and find a solution that doesn't involve the web.

I have had a Caavo for about 3 weeks, and really like it. I had tried Harmony devices in the past, and while they are certainly powerful, they require a lot more effort to setup. I really appreciate the simplicity of a universal remote that is more focused on being a "daily driver". The Caavo remote doesn't attempt to replace the factory remotes, just make them not needed on a daily basis. Currently have a PS4 Pro, nVidia Shield TV, Apple TV, AVR, and Vizio TV connected.

Here are my favorite features of the Caavo.

  1. Extremely simple to setup.
  2. Ergonomic remote with a button layout similar to most streaming devices.
  3. On screen button hints so that you never have to guess at what a button will do.
  4. Ability to switch easily between AVR and TV Speakers.
  5. Integration with IFTTT and Google Home.
  6. On screen messages via IFTTT connection.
  7. Sleep timer that will turn off all connected devices (use this every night).
  8. Recognizes when a connected device is powered on and switches inputs automatically.

These are the things I don't like.

  1. Deep linking for the search feature doesn't support live tv streaming currently (Vue, Sling, etc).
  2. No ability to teach the remote new commands. Only the preprogrammed commands are available.
  3. No ability to use voice search on the Shield using the Caavo remote. Searches can been chained to connected devices like the Roku.
  4. When a button is held on the Caavo remote, it is sent as a bunch of independent button presses to the devices. This makes some device functions behave in an unexpected way.

[quote="Linvale, post:15, topic:7551, full:true"]No control of antenna tv stations

I use an HD Home Run for over the air TV which can then be accessed via the streaming device.

for the tivo this could help direct control via telnet to the tivos

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