Time Issue in Built-in Apps (Rule Machine and Mode Manager)


Time auto offsets by +30min in rules after clicking Done. (I seeing this in both Rule Machine and Mode Manager)

This is happening for me and a friend who also lives in Adelaide.

I have my Time Zone set to Australia/Adelaide, the Time and Time Zone are displayed correctly in the Settings > Hub Details.

Anyone else seen this issue or something similar?

@bravenel Do you think this is a bug or a misconfiguration on our part somewhere?

Please see below screen shots:

Create a ruled with Trigger: Certain Time > A specific time > At this time: 07:00AM


After clicking Done "At a certain time" shows the time I entered +30min (7:30AM)


Ah, that's wild! What browser are you using?

I'll try setting my timezone to yours, to see what happens (but wait, isn't it tomorrow there already?).

Please give me some lat/long I can use also.

Whoa, I get the same result! Clearly something is messed up somewhere. We will dig into it.



Evidently this is a UI display issue only, as the time is set correctly for the setting. Digging into how that could happen.

That's good to know, very confusing when creating rules!

Or when writing the code that displays it. It seems to be specific to your timezone. Very strange.

Thank you for investigating, I'm having some issues with Mode Manager not working at all with sunrise and sunset offset since the last update too. That may also be related to this issue so will be interested to see if that fixes it

It appears to be related to the timezone offset being returned for your timezone -- it's getting +0930. As if your timezone is half an hour offset from +9 . Could just be an error in the timezone database. We will track it down.

I would imagine this sort of thing could mess up calculations about offsets.

It works correctly for AUS/BRISBANE timezone, Is that the same GMT offset as you?

Sorry I'm not sure. We have daylight savings time that may effect it.

Sorry I'm just about to jump in my car to head to work


Brisbane is UTC/GMT +10 hours we are UTC/GMT +9:30 hours



Hi Guys, I face exactly the same issue. Yy Time Zone set to Australia/Adelaide, see below screenshots

OK. So this is a bug in how times are being handled with offsets such as +9:30. Will dig into a fix for this.

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Thank you very much for the unbelievably quick response Bruce and acknowledging the bug.

Hi @bravenel, Thank you again for looking into this, did you have any luck in finding the the issue.

Still looking into it. Hopefully a fix will be in the next release.

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Hi Bruce, I updated to yesterday and now my sunset time is way out it should be 6:12 pm.

The other issue is still present.