This s*** is too good!


$15.99 on Amazon. GearBest was a couple dollars more.

in the UK but i'll take a look what's its full name?

Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube (MFKZQ01LM).

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for that price hell yeah :smile: thanks

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These would be fun for the kids. Have TTS say something random when you flip the cube, like a magic 8 ball

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Yes, I do. On rare occasion, a storm rolls in and the luminescence doesn't change quickly enough to compensate my rainy day routines.

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Love mine! Made an app for it awhile back too...

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That's awesome Bryan!

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Does this pair directly?


Did you mean the Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube? If so, yes, it will pair directly. Helps if you have Xiaomi-compatible zigbee repeaters (like the Tradfri plugs).

Keith G (@veeceeoh) has written/maintained Hubitat drivers for a large number of Xiaomi zigbee devices that can be found here. Bryan (@bptworld) has a great Magic Cube app linked to just a couple posts before yours.

Red is really great at night. It allows you to still see and not shrink your pupils to pinpoints. I'm trying some ideas on strategically placed bulbs so I can stop finding walls and table legs with my toes.

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Hmm, so I can finally get rid of my lux sensors and use APIXU? Nice! (Havent read the whole thread yet)

Before you change out from using your lux sensors to use apiXU you might like to set the device up and then monitor how the lux reading performs.
With mine (I'm in the UK) occasionally it will read 5 and at the next 5 minute poll it will go back to the correct value.
While this doesn't matter at night, the last thing you will want is lights turning on in the middle of a bright sunny day.
Just my experience but thought I would pass it on.


I tried a nearby weather station and could never get it working correctly, sun there was not always what was happening at my house.

My Zooz 4in1 has been working great for many months, zero complaints

Took some time to dial it in but now it's spot on and hardly ever turns on when it's light enough inside the house

Good luck


I have to report similar things. Using something besides a local LUX sensor can give you unpredictable results. You could combine and average a local with a weather LUX sensor as @Cobra does. However you try, I wouldn't recommend basing LUX on a sole weather source.

For Canada or US, this was the best deal I could find for the Cube.

My rules are VERY similar to yours with the Day/Evening thing. I use two virtual switches in mine "dark inside" and "dark outside" then I just use those switches in my rules....and in other Motion Lighting rules.

I have one virtual switch: Auto Lights. When it’s on, the lights go on and off. When it’s off, the lights stay in whatever state they are in. For example, when I leave, lights go off, switch goes off. In the evening, lights come on, switch goes off. On a gloomy day, the switch starys on and motion determines the lights. I have various rules that switch Auto Lights on and off.

I do similar with what our house uses as "pause" switches and they are either for rooms or areas. An example is "garage door pause" which keeps the garage doors from shutting automatically and the door from locking. (When we are working out front) Same in the bedroom/deck/kitchen/etc. Turning it on leaves the lights in whatever state they are in when you turn it on. A simple google command does this for us. I automatically turn them off when we leave the house or at night time. The work awesome and the whole family knows how to use them. Keeps everyone from trying to remember special buttons or multiple clicks on paddles.

It's a project on my backburner now, but I have one of these cubes dedicated so that when you roll it, it will order a random pizza from Dominoes via their webhooks :laughing:


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