This s*** is too good!

It's an overcast and gloomy day here in New Orleans. Back in the dark ages, when I had Wink, I'd have to pull my phone out, or yell at Alexa across the room, to turn some lights on.

But in my elevated state of enlightenment (couple poor puns in there - forgive me, I'm a nerd), I have a Rule that takes outdoor luminance values from APIXU and turns a few lights on.


God Bless you Hubitat and all your Developers!


Luckily I think this can be applied to everyone on this forum!


I took it one step further and created a rule that is for overcast AND evening. I use the same lights and dim values. The logic is that if it's in Day mode and the LUX drops, then turn them on or off if the LUX level rises. IF it's evening mode, then just turn them on. I also didn't want them turning on if it was overcast but earlier than 9:00 in the morning (in case I was sleeping in).


I just started working with lux. Figuring out how to use it.

What is local weather is day 1?

It's a custom attribute from my device called "Local Weather", the driver for which is APIXU. Here's the Hubitat integration information.


In the beginning, team Hubitat created Hubitat Elevation.
And the hub was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the nerd cried out, Alexa, let there be light; and Hubitat Elevation turned on the light.
And the nerd saw the light; and it was good.


Do you guys have lux sensors inside rooms or do you have a sensor in a window sill or outside? Which sensor?

I'm using APIXU right now, but have a couple Fibaro FGMS-001 multi-sensors on order.

I have one outside under a patio awning which controls the back half of half and one on the inside of the bedroom window for the rule above.

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I’m using an average reading from two Philips Hue outdoor motion sensors and an Aeon multi sensor inside near a window.
I then use this ‘average’ in all my lux triggers.



Are you finding Axipu not reliable that you’re going to physical sensors?

Thanks for the replies for everyone else. Wasn’t sure if lux would be read properly elsewhere.

No, I want some more versatility in my rules.

Mate, that is good but my new Xiaomi cube is better :slight_smile: wish I could load a video on here to show you guys. I have my lights going red on shake, pink on slide, green or blue or face placement, white on rotate right, off on rotate left. Freaking awesome. Even the wife was (slightly) amazed :smile:!

Shake it baby!

Voila - on & red!

Rotate right for white...


Flip for green

Rotate left for off...

Voila! Light dims to off. Ha ha ha, so good.

Didn't even get to slide for pink lol


While definitely neat - why would you WANT your lights red, green, blue, or pink in the first place? :man_shrugging:

I do think the cube controllers are really cool, though.

I think, at least in my case, it is just "that I can do it".


That's usually enough reason for me too. lol. At least once, then I will go try and find something useful to do with it.


Totally useless. I love it. I want it. It would drive my family crazy.


Ha ha ha, just playing. It's a solution without a problem, that's for sure. Which makes it a lot of fun. Now when I shake it for the lights to turn red I have a self destruct message playing on the Google Mini. My wife thinks I'm mad. Which is somewhat true lol...


I just bought one to play with.
I fancy being able to change the colour of my patio lights with it..
Just to show off to guests :slight_smile:
(And because I can) :slight_smile:



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