Third Reality shades not closing fully

So i have a solution to this issue and wanted to post it so the forums search engine can find it since this answer is nowhere to be found.

You MUST use the included remote to reset the closed position. All the remotes are the same if you have multiple shades. First hit the up button until it reaches the top, than hit the down button until it stops and hits your window sil (or you trigger the stop switch on the bottom of the shade). Hit the down button again if your shade stops before it's actually at the desired bottom position. When it's finally where you want it press the down button again while the shades stop switch is depressed by either being on the window sil or you holding it with your fingers.

Do not lose your remote, there is nothing in Hubitat or in the shade that can fix this issue.

If you lost your remote Id recommend asking here on the forums if someone has a spare. I personally have 10 that I won't be using I'm sure others do as well.

Good luck everyone.


Thanks, my shade changed it's closed position suddenly on its own. Closed was now about 60° open. Your tip corrected the problem. I would add to your tip that if you have curtains in front that block the infrared receiver, as we do, when using the remote you need to account for that.

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This is a constant problem, 1-2 times per week. I have communicated with Third Reality. First they sent a link to a video NOT about their product, then the correct link but of the reset process already tried. Never got the battery report to work. I would like to return the shade for a refund but I am just past the Amazon return limit. Will not be buying the remaining shades based on this experience.