Thinking of converting over few issues


Thinking of moving from Smartthings but have a few issues I forsee.

Love it all being local and how active the updates seem to be and the web interface for the hub. However I'm a UK person so would text notifications work?

Also I find the lack of a mobile app really off putting, yes I know you can use dashboard but when you look at dashboard it looks like something from 1990s.

Would it not make this platform so much more complete with a nice looking app for controlling devices and for getting alerts about home security etc

I know they have an upcoming app but it just gives access to the dashboard from my understanding and like I've said looks extremely dated however the functionality looks amazing so its just a ui problem mostly.

Also I'm planning on getting a ring doorbell and see it's not got an integration with hubitat is this coming soon?



My thoughts:

  1. You don't need to use SMS/text notifications. Even in the US (not sure if they work in the UK), you're limited to 10 a day. There are a variety of notification services you can use instead. Pushover is popular. Since you already have ST, you might be interested in this (which I'm using) instead; Route Hubitat Notifications to SmartThings (App and Driver)
    Note that in many (all?) apps, you have to select notification devices as "speech synthesis" or similar--should change when Hubitat gets native support, coming in the app; this is just a workaround these other solutions use.
  1. I agree the dashboard could use some professional design help in the UI, but you can customize it a bit yourself. If you're OK with cloud-only access, there are also non-Hubitat Dashboard alternatives like SharpTools (native integration), or you can use the community-created Other Hub app and DTHs to "sync" your Hubitat devices with ST (might be useful during your migration anyway) and then use the ST mobile app, ActionTiles (if you have that), or whatever you want as an alternative interface. The Hubitat admin UI also works for device control, though it was not intended for that purpose and isn't very pretty, though it works in a pinch.
  2. There is no native Ring integration. I think it's on their wishlist. I'm never sure what people want with camera integrations, though for the doorbell I'm assuming you want motion and presses. You can work around this with IFTTT, supported by both Hubitat and Ring. (Create a virtual device or two in Hubitat and have IFTTT control it/them as appropriate--ask for more help here if you're interested.) If you have an Echo/Alexa device, you can also do something similar with an Alexa Routine.

As you note, the app is coming. It should provide easier access to dashboards and notifications, among other things. You probably won't get another way to control devices, however--just access from the app to dashboards, which staff have indicated is the intent for device control. I don't really miss having an app myself since everything I could do with it I can already do.


I find myself using the Google Home app more than anything when I need to adjust the lighting. To be honest nobody but myself will even look at a dashboard. If it doesn't just happen or they can't ask Google to do it. They will just live with it, lol.

As for text notifications, is Pushover available in the UK? This is the preferred way to send notifications as there is a 10 text message per day limit with Hubitat.

Also for the doorbell, Ring is owned by Amazon so I wouldn't hold my breath for integration. Seeing they pulled support for Blink cameras from ST too. I personally use the Nest Hello doorbell. It does send motion alerts to Hubitat but no video which is perfectly fine for what I need. It automatically announces things through the google devices and shows the video on my google hub's.

Hope this helps.


Ring doorbell can integrate with via IFTTT for the motion and ring alerts. These can be used to create events within the Hubitat environment that will cause other actions.

Video: Given that, (I believe) even SmartThings does not display the video (especially video history). I use the Ring app on PC, Android, and Fire Tablet (using google-play version, not the priced amazon version). Works well and does not require my intervention.


I forgot about this! If you haven an Echo device, the Alexa mobile app (and the Echo Show itself) has a dashboard-type interface you can use as well. I don't use it much but suspect it's not as customizable, but it's certainly an option--and you don't have to do much to set it up. :slight_smile:


+1 for Google Home/Assistant
+1 for Pushover
I have the link to the dashboard on my phone but I don't use it anymore (since the Google Home/Assistant integration)


@blairpollard6 I think many of us are aware that ST users looking to migrate would be dismayed, by having no so called mobile app. It's natural and after all, for ST people, what else is there? :slight_smile: The IDE is probably the launch point for what we now know as the Hubitat UI, but it's so far advanced over ST IDE, it's no wonder it's rarely mentioned here.

For ST you had ONE interface, shared (shudder) by both Admins and non-Admins. In 2014 when I first got Staples Connect, the very first post I made was: "Create another app for non-Admins.. this is too scary." :frowning:

Hubitat has already split into Admin and non-Admin :partying_face: and the future mobile app will be only the non-admin portion. Do not let the future app color (colour) your thinking. Everything you need as an Admin of a Hubitat system is ready and available. :smiley:

This community forum is 100% "Admin of" people posting. (There may well be non-Admin lurkers.. no way to know. :slight_smile: ) And you'll see a pattern in their answers: "Thought I'd miss it too. I don't. in fact, I don't much use the dashboard either." We pretty much have all built a Dashboard, I have, Mine is 8 "pages" and displays everything. It's great, love it... almost never use it. I love it because I spend so much time getting it to look "right to me". :slight_smile:

You will spend a few hours across a few days getting used to the Hubitat interface, will build an OpenVPN instance, a dashboard or two and you'll read your post and smile. :smiley:


I initially missed the ST app when I converted over, but after getting used to it, the only thing I actually miss from ST is being able to remotely see device history. The Hubitat dashboard local version is way faster than waiting for the ST app to load as well.

With a little bit of time and creativity the dashboards can be made to look halfway decent. Definitely could still use some improvement but it's workable. Personal preference, sure, but I don't see how the lack of an app is a show-stopper. My wife actually likes the dashboards over the ST app...pretty sure it's the only positive thing she's ever had to say about my smart home endeavors :rofl:


Perfect statement! I have 16 dashboards. There is a tablet hanging on the wall in every room running Fully and the dashboards. Only time my wife/daughter mention them is when they see a picture come up that they like (integrated with Google photos). They will stand right in front of it and tell me, the light didn't come on. Grrrr, you can control it from right there! lol.

As I mentioned before, either the automation works (everything is motion controlled with other restrictions) or they ask Google to do it, else it just doesn't happen. :roll_eyes:


Quick question for you Google Home users. (Sorry to go off topic, happy to open a new one if you wish).
I use the following naming convention.

Lounge-Lights. Main Light.
Lounge-Lights. Hue Lights.
Lounge-Socket. Phone.
etc. I'm sure you get the idea.

This doesn't really lend itself to asking Google to turn things on and off.
I'm thinking of defining a virtual switch or group called 'Lounge Lights' (for example) and when I ask Google to "Turn on Lounge Lights" it turns on the Virtual Switch (or group) and then whatever I have defined in a rule to turn on. I will then only define the virtual switches in GH.
Before I go down this road, I'm just wondering what everyone else is doing.


I think that Google, by default, will create a grouping based on the rooms where you have "placed" devices.

My master bedroom has two lights, My (Eric's) Bedside Light and My Wife's (Alexis's) Bedside Light. I can control them individually using those names. If I just say "Turn on Master Bedroom" Google turns them both on. Actually, I don't even have to use the words Master Bedroom as long as I say it quietly enough that one of the other Google devices doesn't hear me. The Google Home in the Master Bedroom "knows" (has a room defined) so that a "Turn On the lights" request is in the context of that room.



I’m in the UK too
(got my sister to buy the hub in the US before they were available in the UK)

At first, sms was not available to UK users, so I paid a one-off fee of £5 for unlimited pushover messages.
I use that all the time as you can also set a ‘priority’ for the message with pushover.
‘Info’ messages are muted on my phone, while ‘alerts’ (like a water leak) use a different loud ringtone... MUCH better than sms in my opinion.
As I’ve stated in many threads, I am one of the few people who don’t use any kind of dashboard.
If it's not automated, I use alexa to control it (or vpn into my network if I’m out and it’s really urgent I control something.)

I use a ring doorbell with ifttt for motion, it works pretty well for me with minimal lag.

You said you need an app for controlling devices?
I think the plan for the app when it arrives will be for presence and notification.
You have dashboards for control if you really want it.

The philosophy for hubitat has always been about automation rather than control.
I feel that if I have to control something in normal circumstances then I have failed to automate properly.
‘Control’ should be for unusual circumstances in my opinion.

(Probably why I write so many apps :slight_smile: )

Edit: Forgot to mention, I had ST for about 3 years before finding Hubitat :slight_smile:



My personal view is that you need an app:

  • to access the dashboard, a wrapper??
  • for notifications and optimal presence sensor.
    That is what I would like to see.

However more on point I love the work done one the dashboard engine but in my humble opinion needs a more Friendly UI designer tool that is more flexible powerful. I'm sure later when the team will get some time we can reach that goal.


I understand people's views on not needing an app. But personally my GF doesn't really like speaking to Google but she does use the app to turn things on and off. Not all of my stuff is using automation I use hue light but all my old light switches were replaced by hue dimmer switches and I use app or voice only if I forgot to turn them off or something.

I personally don't install any smart devices unless there is a physical switch to turn them on or off still. Ie all lights have smart switches still.

Didn't realize hubitat doesn't have device history I do find this quite useful in ST any idea if they will add it?

I also do like the idea of admin and non admin stuff being separate but still would be nice for a modern ui app just for controlling devices.


Go into any Device and at the top click "Events"


Yep device history is there, just not accessible in the dashboard. Should have been more clear.


Didn't see it mentioned. If you have Alexa and add a Ring you don't have to use IFTTT. I have Alexa routines that turn on a Hubitat Virtual Switch when ring detects Motion and a virtual switch for the ring doorbell pushed. So for motion after sunset lights go on inside by the door and front of the house. If the doorbell is pressed I have lights that flash in my home office.


Same goes if you have setup Homebridge/Homekit. I use the Apple "Home" app to control everything remotely if needed.


I have that too and I still forgot about it. I guess it goes to show how little I use dashboards. :slight_smile: (Does it mean my automations are that good...or that I'm just lazy enough and use voice assistants?)


That's why I said "If needed". My stuff is pretty solid and I really only use the home app to hit some virtual switches at times.