Thinking of converting over few issues


Wait a minute, where and how you change the priorities? I know Pushover has this but I had no idea that HE will send different priorities. Please and sorry to hijack the thread.


I think Sharptools has text notifications with no limit, but honestly I'm using Pushover.


Message Central will do it :slight_smile:



Set the priority in device settings here:

You can override the default Pushover ringtone here as well:

Multiple devices created, then pick the one you want to send to:

In the app there are some notification sound settings. In the Android app specifically, there's an option to treat high priority notifications as alarms, which will ring through any DND setting you have enabled.

With my 3 settings above, I have high priority notifications that ring through at night or when phone is on vibrate (think intrusion-type notifications), standard priority notifications that ring when phone is normal (presence arriving and leaving, doorbell, etc), vibrate only when phone is on vibrate, and make no sound or vibrate at all when phone is in DND mode, and low priority notifications that never make a sound at all (low battery notifications, etc).


Thank you! This confirms me that you know me very well! I had no idea where to start :rofl:

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you too! In the device settings you can also specify which phones to send to if you have multiples logged in to your account. I didn't show that in any of the screenshots above. But there's no reason for my wife to get Low Priority battery notifications, so those go to me only. Standard and High priority notifications go to both of us.

This flexibility was a HUGE selling point for me...can't tell you how pissed I used to get at ST for waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me my hub was offline. I wanted to get intrusion notifications, so had to set ST up to ring through since there was no way to set different priorities.


Dang i really need to step up my dashboard game....How did you get those images on the tiles?


hummm, Could you do the same with blink since Amazon owns that too?


Create image tiles and arrange them, then create device tiles and place them on top. The dashboards will not allow you to create more tiles than you have room for, so you may have to increase the dashboard size, add tiles, stack them, then reduce the dashboard size again. Kinda of a PITA but it works. Also, order of creation is important. The newer tiles always go on top, no way around this.

After you have everything positioned, you can change the attribute templates. I set mine up to be the same color for on and off, but something like 80% opacity for off and 0% (transparent) for on.


@stephack requested in this thread to add an [E] prefix for emergency and it was included in the base driver


As others have already indicated, Pushover is pretty great. You essentially create a Hubitat "app" in Pushover and give that app a title and can add an icon. This makes the Pushover notifications "look" like they're coming from a native Hubitat app.


If you don't mind, could you give simple instructions for how you did this.


Sure thing. Create/log in to your Pushover account and Create a New Application / API token

Here's what my Pushover app settings look like:

I'm not sure if you've already added a Hubitat Pushover virtual device. In the Pushover virtual device you'll insert your API token and your User Key (available in your Pushover account settings)

Oh, and here's the HE logo I used:



Excellent. Works a treat.
Thanks for helping. :+1:


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Looks like you can get mostly the same functionality as ST but with using multiple apps. Seems sort of Mish mash I really honestly think a lack of a mobile app for device control and event and notifications really is hurting this platform. I know it's making me think long and hard, if the app was there I would have bought a hub by now.


I did the ST -> Hubitat transition earlier this year and at this point, I would suggest not getting too hung up on having no app, presence detection, etc. yet, unless you have a very particular use case. It's so much more reliable than ST, and becoming even more so with updates.

Without an app, I started automating things that I never considered with ST. Without presence detection, we switched to using a keypad and far prefer it at this point. And now with google home integration, we really never touch the dashboard. The net result is that we have far more automation and the hub has kind of fallen into the background - we think about it about as much as I think about my access point or router. It serves our needs without many hiccups, so we can forget it about it and go about our day. I no longer want to mess around in an app.


Where do you add the logo? I can't find that to upload it. Thanks

Edit 1: Ok, never mind, I saw it in your picture, can I add it to a already created application?

Edit 2: I found how to edit the application, thanks for the info and logo!


Wish the Google home app on the main screen told you if the device is on or off instead of having to click on it.