Thermostat Scheduler Issues

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Anyone having issues with their Thermostat Scheduler? I noticed this a few days back, I have two exact same installations with the same hardware and apps installed. One of them missed a scheduled event, so I shrugged it off reinstalled the app and see if it corrects the issue (Still undetermined at this point). So I came home today to find the other app has also missed a setpoint. This app hasn't been touched in weeks and ran as it should up until the last few days. As you can see in the attachments I have a schedule set out where the MiniSplit will go up to 21 in the morning at 5am then it will go back to 19 at 8am. It appears in the Scheduler log that the command was sent but in the MiniSplit log it was not received. Shouldn't all that be internal to hub? It use to work just fine. Am I missing something obvious?
Here is the Schedule,

Here is the Scheduler Log, as you can see it set it to 19 at 8 am as it should,

Here is the device, no action to set it to 19 at 8am

And the events log from the device, same deal no 19 for the 8am change

Here is another example, as you can see the command was sent by the Thermostat Scheduler at 4pm but not received by the device. This boggles me. reinstalled app too.
Command sent

Not recieved by the device...

What sort of device is the thermostat? Z-Wave?

Yes sir, it's Zwave, a Remotec ZXT-600. It works really well!

All your evidence points to dropped Z-Wave commands. The app issues the command, the device doesn't get it. In between is your mesh.

It doesn't miss a beat when controlling it from the device page, each command goes without issue, or at least I think. Should I reinstall the device maybe? The ZXT-600 has clear line of sight to the Hubitat about 20 feet away. Here are the Zwave Radio Details, does that look ok?

This might be a driver issue.. I'm checking..

Ok thank you very much! I just ran a test from the Device page by entering a temperature then hit the button... Wait for a little bit then do another... From 19 down to 16 and back to 21. Results were good... Each command entered without hesitation

The driver has some known issues with it, not sure if your aware, have a look at the last post here. I wrote up a little tiny "how to" to get around the issue based on other comments in the thread and my own findings. But is probably unrelated to this issue.

Hi, Just checking back in, did you notice anything abnormal in the driver?

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Still struggling with this, missed setpoints from the thermostat scheduler. Since I am using an infrared device I wonder if it is missing the setpoint because the scheduler is sending out multiple commands too fast (yes, Hubitat is that good!). As far as I know Infrared needs time between commands to process. As you can see here the fan is set milliseconds after the temperature (this one resulted in a miss). Could that be the issue? Is there a way not to send the fan command just the temperature setpoint?

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Not sure if anyone is actually reading these posts but I have figured this out and it could save someone the trouble in the future if they are dealing with IR Blasters. What I think was causing the issue is the Thermostat Scheduler was sending a temp and a fan function command within milliseconds of each other and the IR blaster isn't fast enough to complete them. Everything appears to be working as it should now after I changed the Thermostat Scheduler to only send a change in temperature command, and not send the fan command. What I had to do was change my schedule to remove all the unnecessary commands and left them blank, like in the below snapshot. Prior to this I had the fan set to auto and that's not required. Now if we could get the driver updated to work properly for the configuration of the ZXT-600 all would be great!

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I am also experiencing issues with the Thermostat Scheduler not passing along changes to my RadioThermostat. The early morning heat Setpoint seems pretty consistent at a scheduled time. But, the later morning Setpoint is made on some days, and not on others. I needed to bring up the App and poke around with it a bit this morning before it adjusted the Thermostat Setpoint to the correct daytime value. Likewise, any scheduled action associated with a Sunset event seems to be consistently ignored -- undoubtedly a bug in the Sunset time transfer to Thermostat Scheduler code.

I've tweaked Support several times and only get a response that my comments have been sent to engineering. Any hints from users as to actions (other than the previous ones noted in this thread that I've already taken) that I might explore?

Generally is code for we understand the problem but the solution is not a simple one and may take a few days to develop the fix...

I have scheduled temperature to be 10 celsius when away and 21 when not. 10 celsius never happens. It must be those multiple commands it sends as @chad.andrews have discovered. I have to try those when I'm back at the site. Nice finding!

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