Thermostat Scheduler: Don't Turn Thermostats Back On

It appears that Thermostat Scheduler will turn thermostats on when a restriction ends and "Turn thermostats off when restricted" is selected.

Can you please add a "Turn Thermostats on when restriction ends" option to enable greater flexibility?

I found Thermostat Scheduler "Do not change mode if off" option - #10 by nclark

and have deleted the Mode configuration from Thermostat Scheduler. We'll see if that does the trick.

Deleting the Thermostat Scheduler Mode configuration did not prevent Thermostat Scheduler from setting my thermostat from Off to Auto when the Restriction ended.

@bravenel is this expected behavior or a bug?

You have to show the setup page.

You didn't show any Restrictions.

Thermostat Scheduler config with Restrictions shown above.

OK, I'm dense. What is the point? Do you want the ability to turn them off when restricted but not back on when the restriction is over? Sounds like you must envision controlling them outside of Thermostat Scheduler. If that is the case, why not just turn them on or off as you want by some other means? It doesn't make much sense, so I must be missing something.


Thermostat Scheduler contains an easy way to turn thermostats off (Restrictions) so I'd prefer not to have to write separate rules just because Thermostat Scheduler doesn't give me the option of what to do (leave off/turn back on) when the Restrictions end.

Only having separate rules controlling when thermostats are turned on would reduce the number of Apps/rules controlling my thermostats and make their management less dispersed (easier).

Thought it would be a helpful feature, thus the request.

There is still no explanation of how this would work. If Thermostat Scheduler restriction ends, and an option left the thermostats off then, how would they get set to heat or cool again? What events would cause that?


In RM.

I believe it's much simpler to determine when to turn thermostats OFF: window opens, mode changes to away, etc. and that's why Thermostat Scheduler Restrictions make sense BUT turning thermostats ON is much more nuanced. Do I want thermostats turned back on whenever all the windows are closed, not necessarily. Do I want thermostats turned back on whenever I get home, not necessarily.

i.e. Optionally turning off thermostats in Thermostat Scheduler via Restrictions = good. Forcing thermostats back on after Thermostat Scheduler Restrictions end = probably not so good.

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