Thermostat Scheduler "Do not change mode if off" option

Hi @bravenel, I was wondering if it would be possible to add another mode option when it will not change the mode of the thermostat when changing schedule.

ex.: I have a schedule that sets several thermostats, I set one of those thermostats to "off" on the device page or from the dashboard so that it won't turn on until next winter, we still have nights near 0°C (32°F), some some mornings the thermostats do turn on for a few minutes just to bring the temps to a comfortable level. This is what I want but I don't want to have certain thermostats on for several reasons like rooms where we are not going in to in the morning.

The behavior now is that even if the thermostat mode was set to off, when a new schedule is set, all thermostats are set back to heat even if it was off. So having an option to "not change mode if off", this would make it more flexible without having to remove the thermostat from the schedule.

Thanks for considering this.

Do you really need to be setting mode at all (in Thermostat Scheduler) for these thermostats? It is optional. My own Thermostat Schedulers never set mode at all -- I do that myself when the seasons change (something that is quite subjective).

What's the trick to get the mode setting back to the green "Mode", aside from re-doing the time schedules (mine are currently set to "heat" for some time periods) ?

Click on "heat", then Erase Mode.

Huh - doesn't seem to work for me. It just toggles between heat and off. Because I have two sets of time periods maybe ?

Show screenshot of just after clicking on Heat in the Mon-Fri table.

Ah, I think perhaps the UI does this little optimization when there are only two modes. Just flips them instead of pulling up what I showed above.

So, delete the period, and then re-enter the period.


That was exactly what I was seeing also, anyway to add a "do not change" mode instead of the "erase mode" button. This would bypass the UI "trick" it's doing and maybe this topic will not come back :wink:

Anyway all good for now!!! Thanks for the solution and quickly understanding what the problem was.

@bravenel BTW, I created a new schedule called "New Day" and did not set anything in the Mode field.

Deleted the old schedule name "Day"

Saved the schedule by hitting done button

Then went back in the scheduler and renamed "New Day" to "Day". and Mode was back to Heat. Renamed it to "New Day" mode is back to nothing selected and all is ok.

Then I went to the gear icon and noticed that in the States area, all old schedule states are still in there and are not deleted when we delete a schedule, this might be bug if this is not the intended behavior (I don't think this is what we want).

OK. I will do some work on this, and get it to clean up after itself better. Also, I'm going to blow off the little optimization, since it prevents getting to the Erase Mode button.