Thermostat Scheduler doesn't stay 'Away', resumes schedule


Trying to understand the behaviour of Thermostat Scheduler when the hub mode is changed.

I see that the scheduler does respond to a mode change to "Away", but then it appears to resume its normal schedule at the next schedule event.

(the Test schedule event I added just to double check the behaviour was observing).

Note that it's not 100% clear to me what happens when the hub mode leaves Away (I only have two modes at the moment : Away and Home). Does it apply the scheduled temp values for the active time period, or wait for the next scheduled setpoints?

I'm on


I’m not a super familiar with this app, but from reading the documentation on it I might assume two things.

  1. Are you sure no other instance of the scheduler/ other rule/ thermostats built in scheduling or programmed is conflicting?

  2. There is a place to add restrictions within the table to only allow for events to trigger within certain modes. I am more of a Rule Machine user, but if I command my thermostat on away mode, then any time based event I set would change those settings unless I set a required expression to only trigger in home mode.

That being said, the away settings on this app may already define the required expression/ restriction. Maybe @bravenel can confirm.

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Thanks for your answer.

I double-checked and I don't see anything interfering. In the logs, you can see the Thermostat Scheduler itself is pushing a schedule after reacting on its own to the hub mode change to "Away". The only thing I can think of is that the thermostats are exposed to the HomeKit integration. I'll take them out to see if that makes a difference.

Forgot to mention but I configured this scheduler to schedule using time periods, not modes.

Right. I see your logs at 12:13 trigger away, I’m assuming from your use of geofencing or whatever is putting your hub in away. Your next scheduled event is at 15:30, and that is happening even when you’re still in away. I assume adding a restriction would solve that because you are using time based triggers.

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Aha that setting does seem to stop the scheduled setpoints from being applied:


Changed the time for the Test schedule to 11:55 and got

Thanks for your help @JoshBI555

Although this creates another isssue - when mode is set to Away, the mode change is no longer being honored by Thermostat Scheduler...

I agree, which is why I’m hoping someone can clarify. Because the next problem I would want to solve is why now happens when I return from away? In theory my next even could be several hours away.


Hot take.. it looks like you can use rule machine to trigger the scheduler. You should write a rule that trigger when into home mode, and then test the result on return from away. Maybe with some luck it will be smart enough to figure out the closest time to a set point and trigger

That's what I did, I added a call to Activate Scheduled Setpoints when returning from Away and that works.

The problem now is that when the mode is changing TO Away, the Thermostat Scheduler restriction seems to happen first (scheduler does not apply Away setpoints) and a call to Activate Scheduled Setpoints fails (I get the "restricted by Away mode" log message).

It looks like you can also call the away setpoints to the scheduler from within rule machine. It seems like a a lot of back and forth for what should be a self contained app, but maybe worth a shot till we can get the devs to answer?

Funny because required expressions and restrictions in RM aren’t supposed to evaluate true till after the trigger which would make that restriction true. But, this app may work different.

I'm not seeing an option to set the scheduler to "Away" manually. Seems to me what you mention re. order of operations for RM should apply to Thermostat Scheduler too.

Hubitat staff probably taking a well-deserved break. No rush. For now I set the thermostats manually to their Away setpoint from RM.

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Update on this : figured out the best way to get the behaviour I want is:

  • when mode changes to Away, set thermostat scheduler to Hold from RM
  • when mode changes to Home, remove Hold from thermostat scheduler to from RM

Not sure why this is not the behaviour of Thermostat Scheduler - @bravenel can you confirm if this is expected behaviour ?

If I don't add the hold, I get this (added a scheduled setpoint at 14:34 just for this test...)

I'm having the same problem. Using Thermostat Scheduler on time periods works fine normally. When I set the mode to Away, the scheduler initially adopts the away temperature setting, but then reverts to the timed temperature setting at the next scheduled time period, even though the hub is still in Away mode. Surely the purpose of the away temperature setting is for the thermostat to keep this setting for as long as the hub is in Away mode. Is this not a bug in Thermostat Scheduler?
Can @support shed any light on this?


Hello @support_team ! Would love to know if this issue is real or if we misunderstood what to expect of the "Away" setting in Thermostat Scheduler.

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Early January, we left home for a week and set mode to AWAY.
To my surprise, I noticed the exact same issue as initially reported by @hubitrep and confirmed by @neillythere. As a result, our home was heated for nothing in the middle of the Canadian winter...

I am using Thermostat Scheduler 2.0, with Schedule Using = Time Periods.
The desired temperature under Away Settings was set when mode became AWAY, but the schedules resumed normally afterwards (even if the mode was still AWAY)...
I would have expected the temperature to be constant until the mode changed back to HOME...

Since then and as a workaround, I have added a Virtual Switch (ON when AWAY), and a Rule Machine and a restriction on the Scheduler, but this cannot be the proper way to manage this situation, as complexity is induced and other issues are found...


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Welcome @user4216 and thanks for confirming the exact same issue. I'd be interested to learn more about your (temporary?) workaround until this is resolved by @support_team (please can you confirm you are looking into this)
Very frustrating while recently away for a week, I had to login remotely 3-4 times a day to unset and reset Hub Away Mode just to keep my thermostats to the away temperature setting so I wasn't wasting precious energy.

This is the workaround I am currently using. You can create a rule in Rule Machine to do this (I think a Basic Rule might even work) :

Looks like this for me when mode changes to Away. The delay is only there in case there could be any race condition between the Thermostat Scheduler applying the Away setting and this rule applying a Hold.

Great. Thanks for sharing. I think I see how that works. Unfortunately I have lots of thermostat schedules, but I suppose it only needs setting up once!

I think you can control multiple scheduler instances from a single action in RM

[EDIT: I was wrong [] With Thermostat Schedulers (2.0.1), one of the children is not set to hold ON by Rule Machine (5.1.4) - #2 by bravenel]

@bravenel Is this being worked on?

Thanks for the insight. Don't need this just yet but may do a test run.