Thermostat Scheduler doesn't stay 'Away', resumes schedule

I just became aware of it. This is a bug, found and fixed and headed to an upcoming release. It should indeed not follow the schedule when mode is Away.


The sequence I initially reported appears to be fixed, thanks! However, the following sequence breaks the "Away" setting:
-> Mode changes to home => scheduled temp is applied
-> Eco mode is turned on => eco mode offset is applied to scheduled temp
-> Mode changes to away => away setting is applied
-> Eco mode is turned off => thermostat resumes scheduled temp instead of going to away setting. Note that the TS instance has the "Away" tag in the app title, but the scheduled temp as current setpoint.

I would have expected either the change to Away setting to cancel eco mode, or for the eco mode offset to be applied to the Away setting when mode changes to Away, but not this behaviour.

Observed and tested on

OK, will look into it. I agree it shouldn't do what you report. I didn't catch that case of EcoMode turning off while Away.

I don't know about Away cancelling EcoMode. Why would that make sense? Another possible interpretation that seems more consistent is for EcoMode to apply to the Away settings just as it applies to any other period or mode. So if Away is 64, and EcoMode is 2°, then Away during EcoMode should be 62, and if EcoMode is turned off while away, it would go to 64,

Not sure it makes sense either. At least in my case the away setting is more agressive than eco mode. Away + eco mode might be enough to put my garage pipes at risk of bursting on a day like today :joy:

But that’s my problem not Hubitat’s. Having the offset apply to Away in this situation does make sense.

I'll get that issue fixed in the next release. Didn't think about it when doing the other fix.

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Awesome, thanks.

I ran some more tests and something else I notice is that if manual adjustments are made to the thermostats, calling "Set Scheduled Temperatures" does not return them to their Away setting when away. Instead I get this message:

Am I wrong to think of the Away settings "schedule" as a kind of wildcard schedule that should apply at all times while away?

(BTW I find the virtual thermostat driver incredibly useful for debugging my RM/TS setups)

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